Modular Kitchen Designs and Style Suggestions

There is no better place in the world to use as a source of inspiration for your next kitchen than Italy. As Sean McEvoy writes for HGTV, “relaxed elegance” is the name of the game when it comes to Italian-styled kitchens. The following are some outstanding suggestions as you work to design the perfect modular kitchen. 

Know Your Storage Requirements

As the Times of India writes, you need to know the kind of storage you want and need before you begin to plan your ideal kitchen. Modular kitchens in Dubai, for example, are elegant and appear quite simplistic. But there is far more than meets the eye. You will find that there are lots of storage opportunities in many different kitchen designs, you just have to know your requirements first before you begin planning. 

Lighter Colours

Light colours do a better job of reflecting natural light. In your kitchen designs, keep this in mind so you can create a lighter and seemingly larger space. The modular kitchens design in Dubai incorporates lighter colours to create the feel of a larger kitchen. Ricci Milan – Italian Kitchen Suppliers have a number of modular kitchen fixtures and cabinetry that are lighter and reflect the natural light that comes into the room. 

Wooden Cabinetry

Natural wood cabinetry is a beautiful touch when talking about modular kitchens in Dubai. This Italian style cabinetry is high quality and puts a touch of class and elegance to the light and airy feeling you get when walking in the room. This modern style has many different options using a range of natural woods that are both beautiful in design and highly durable. 

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Modular Kitchens in Dubai: More Than Just a Space

Debatably, the kitchen is amongst the most critical spaces in your home. Often, this room forms the heart and soul of your residence. Not only does it serve the purpose of meal preparation, but also accommodates friends and family for coffee or to chat. Understandably, it is vital to make your kitchen look great. More so because it is the most frequently visited room.

Due to its routine use, almost everyone wants a perfect kitchen. Most of the time, this means an impeccable design that is both functional and homely. In most cases, designing and fitting a conventional kitchen is a time-consuming and costly undertaking—with each fixture requiring to be individually outfitted. And that’s without having to mention the resultant mess and obstructions during the construction.

Conversely, besides the many benefits, modular kitchens in Dubai avail a new and revamped way to design, install, and maintain a kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Set up

Modular KitchenWhile traditional kitchens are constructed on-site, a modular kitchen is pre-designed. Our expert modular designers work with your preferred specifications to deliver your desired kitchen on time. Once on-site, we move the kitchen into position before fixing it in place. From that point, you only need to connect utilities such as gas mains, plumbing, and electrical fixtures.

What You Need to Know

Modular kitchens in Dubai layout can be relatively basic kitchenettes comprising of a sink and cupboard fittings. Or, it may be an elaborate design integrating a myriad of features such as soft muted colour pallets, and smart devices connecting your kitchen to the living space. For that reason, the schematics may vary significantly. In addition, our blueprints blend an array of touches for that pristine surface finish.

With steady improvements in modular kitchens design in Dubai, the prominence of this kind of kitchen looks to increase in stature. Send us your modular kitchen requirements for either apartment blocks, villas, or offices with pantry in Dubai. For free kitchen designs, please call +971 4 338 6008