Saint Louis – Kitchens


A range of kitchens illustrated through a harmonious album of five different decorative solutions: a fresh take on Fifties design, in furnishings and accessories that are full of charm, and seem to tell a tale of the people who live there, their histories and dreams. The pages that follow describe the stories, lives, enthusiasms, and emotions that have inspired these homeowners and suggested a new way of thinking about interior design.


Light shades of lacquer, harmoniously flowing lines, soft edges: that’s how the Saint Louis kitchen defines its vintage look.
Ribbed aluminum, a hallmark of the line, can be used to elegantly clad many details of this kitchen, from the hood, to the counter, to various cabinet fronts.

It features sophisticated, innovative solutions in terms of both compositions and materials, balancing style with function.
The counters are treated with exclusive Marchi finishes to be acid-proof and almost completely non-absorbent.

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