Panamera – Kitchens

A Kitchen with tricks from vintage charm

The Panamera kitchen was designed for those who prefer a lifestyle that is cosmopolitan, elegant, and yet casual. It offers practical, intelligent solutions, embellished with high quality finishes that alternate with the simplicity of wood, stone, and slate. This kitchen is traditional yet never boring, featuring an original design, with highly distinctive features. Dominated by the soft tones of solid wood, it is in a sophisticated interplay of balances with the stone and other metal components. The kitchen was made just for those eager for new adventures. In every detail, its meticulous care stands out, giving the satisfaction of creating unique pieces perfect for your home.


Making geometric shapes dynamic, it has features with vintage appeal like the tub sink, convenient for diverse uses, as it can be lifted and carried elsewhere; plus, the faucets and antiqued leather seats. These are spaces where nothing is left to chance, and where highly sophisticated furnishing pieces and designs are found, highly simple and practical at once.

The furnishing becomes softer and finds new aesthetic balances. Standing out is the grand spacious cabinet/sideboard in which the large, two-door refrigerator is set.