Old England – Kitchens

The authentic English kitchens

This kitchen has all the British savour of afternoon tea, double-decker buses, crimson telephone booths, a love of tradition and a taste for the eccentric: this is a kitchen that evokes all that is typical of the English country style. At the same time elegant and unconventional, refined but comfortably informal, this is a kitchen to make you feel at home: just as cosy for a couple of newlyweds or a family with a bunch of children round the kitchen table. The Old England style has an authentic atmosphere, a flexible layout, cleverly designed with a pleasing composition and choice of materials. What better end to a busy day than to come home to a refined but welcoming kitchen with its unmistakably English style… a pleasant balance between the modern and traditional.


In this English country-style kitchen the soft lacquering available in colours such as dove, beige and pea green, refined with brass finishes, creates an attractive and prestigious atmosphere.

The Old England modular kitchen is made with solid wood, with polychrome marble that can be matched with the chosen lacquering. Electrical appliances of top brands adequately fitted enhance its classical and yet contemporary nature.