Nolita – Kitchens

A Kitchen with a family atmosphere full of suggestions

This kitchen goes beyond passing fads, designed for those who want to rediscover the pleasures of a family atmosphere, full of evocative charm, and luxuriate in moments of total peace, alone or in the company of friends. The kitchen is as sophisticated as it is casual, bright and replete with everything you need. Worth note, in addition to the kitchen’s components is the excellent effect achieved both in terms of style and practicality by the inclusion of home appliances featuring the charm of the past. They are distinguished by optimal crafting and an”artisanal” feel, as seen in the original refrigerator. Everything was designed by “L’officina”.


Nolita features the choice to pair tangible materials like bleached wood, metal, and exposed bricks with the slate inserts, making for an original way to customize the cooking area. It fits beautifully within the neutral wood setting of the fold-up doors. The ladder is another optimal design solution, as well as enormously stylish.

In the Nolita model, traditional forms are shaped to adapt to the needs of today’s lifestyles and give you new ways to use your kitchen space.