Loft – Kitchens


The eye-catching steel hood hanging down from the ceiling in the center of the room is just an example of this amazing kitchen. Loft is our exclusive, daring tribute to modern urban space concepts. The original solutions in metal, alongside the rectangular wood wall units in pastel colors help creating a strong evocative atmosphere. This kitchen is designed to be functional without neglecting the charm and prestige that only a design so full of personality can provide to your house.


Nothing is left to chance in this composition. All the components are original, functional and easy to reach. The metal hood and the shelves perfectly match the all-steel two-door freezer/refrigerator with square riveted plates. Set on a pallet-type wood base, lacquered in micaceous iron gray, it comes with aluminum clad doors with patchwork effect. The steel sink is also very much original, framed by the edged counter in matted metal.

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