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Different colours on the structure, back panels and shelves

The force of coordinated colour on grip profiles, handles, plinths and Puzzle Plus, a system of open units for base, wall and tall units that combines different colours on the structure, back panels and shelves.

Photo: optic white ecolaccato, terracotta and cashmere, and thermostructured elm sand NT.


Base units, tall units, wall units to combine with different ecolaccato and melamine colours

Finish & Colors


Design friendly material, extremely robust and 100% recyclable. A special process makes AISI 304 satin stainless steel fingerprint proof.


Acrylic stone is a solid surface made up of two thirds aluminium hydroxide and one third acrylic resin coloured with natural pigments. Aluminium hydroxide gives the product excellent mechanical strength, whereas acrylic resin ensures hygiene, suitability for contact with food, waterproofing and colour fastness.


Ecolaccato is a finish achieved with non-toxic, water-based paints that reduce emissions of polluting solvents by 95%. Ecolaccato fronts are finished on all sides with a final weight of 120 g/m2. The result is a soft and silky mat finish.


Ecomalta uses non-toxic, water-based paints that do not develop harmful gas and are free of hydraulic binders, cement, lime, chalk or epoxy resins. Fully recyclable. These surfaces are indestructible and impermeable but absorb steam molecules. Six coating stages, carried out entirely by hand, achieve perfection.


The excellent technical performance of Laminam surfaces make them ideal for delicate use where hygiene and strength are absolutely necessary. Their good looks and large size are truly artistic plusses and ensure continuity throughout the area, with a sophisticated, natural colour scheme.


RESPET® is the first panel obtained from a 100% recycled PET resin. Recycled PET laminates are created by fragmenting, purifying and extruding the plastic from bottles, helping to safeguard our planet. RESPET® has an extremely hard-wearing surface, coated with non-yellowing paint that makes colours unalterable and constant over time. Product durability is very high due to resistance to abrasion and chemical substances.


The wood we use features great textures and natural finishes that highlight all the beauty of the grain, knots and a special hand-planed effect. The touch and appearance are typical of time-worn wood, specially treated when used as a worktop.


An excellent, strong material that’s infinitely recyclable and remains perfectly hygienic. Toughened glass has five times more mechanical resistance than ordinary glass.


Tecnolamina is an extremely strong, innovative surface. It is treated with non-yellowing paint that makes the colours fast and resistant to light throughout time. Tecnolamina lux is especially bright and Tecnolamina mat has a particularly mat finish that has a velvety feel. Resistance to abrasions and chemicals make this a long life product.


Thermostructured finishes are strong, scratch proof, easy to clean with extremely resistant. They feature a perfect wood effect texture on both the front and back of the door.


Melamine is a practical material featuring pure colours and a smooth, compact surface.


Metal effect Fusion and Satin lacquered finishes are achieved by manually applying six coats to each side. The result is an attractive, unique surface on which the light creates a multicoloured effect.


Lacquered finishes feature vivacity and unique touch. Mat lacquered surfaces are textured, whereas glossy lacquer is brushed, also on the edges. It is applied with four coats of paint that provide a final grain of 120 g/m2 for mat and 240 g/m2 for glossy, per side.


FENIX NTM® is an innovative, nanotech material that’s super mat and soft touch. It combines refined good looks with avant garde technological performance. The outer layer of FENIX NTM® is achieved by nanotechnologies and features a surface treated with new generation acrylic resins.

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