Kreola – Kitchens

A Kitchen to live

When I designed this kitchen, the picture in my mind was to create the ideal interior for a young couple who were friends of mine. They wanted an interior with good taste, but practical at the same time. A versatile kitchen to form a comfortable background for a range of activities and a changing life-style: an environment that would give a warm and welcoming feel to the whole apartment which had recently been restored. They wanted a style that was congenial but still original, with plenty of room to invite friends for entertaining, and therefore it had to be functional, but also stylish enough to be incorporated into the living room area. A combination of comfort and elegance, providing upscale contemporary elements for a very practical modern kitchen, ideal for everyday living and conceived as the focal point of the home.


The quality of materials like the solid wood and the treated marble used for the tops, the refined design and the lacquerings available in beige, chalk white and dust, make Kreola a unique, practical and elegant kitchen.

The attention given to details such as the old silver handles and the total modular flexibility highlighted by top-quality electrical appliances embellish and enhance the vintage style of this artisanal kitchen.