Islamorada – Kitchens


Islamorada brings together the kitchen room and the living area, perfect for all kinds of open space. The concept is inspired by the desire for the outdoor, fresh air, open sky and freedom to break from the stress of modern life. This wooden kitchen is conceived and designed for trendy lofts, open-space apartments in city centers, for those who like furniture with a strong character. With Islamorada you can create the coziness of family atmosphere, even if you live in the busiest city center: a home where family bonds are strong and everybody feels at ease and comfortable.


The materials chosen for this kitchen are full of energy and this is why they are capable of conveying a warm and positive touch. The solid wood, pewter, stone and marble used for the Islamorada new classic style kitchen generate a strength that reflects the freedom of nature and creates harmonious shapes and lines. This is why Islamorada, our sophisticated modular kitchen, expression of an exclusive style, was designed. With finishes and color combinations to be selected from our catalogue, Islamorada is available in beige, dust, smoke and oyster lacquering.

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