Incontrada – Kitchens

Kitchen with an atmosphere of real life

The dense green of the Amazon rain forest, the yellow ochre of the Dhakla desert, the bright blue skies of Ireland, and the crimson Moorish details on the houses of Andalusia: these are the inspirations for the unusual colour choices for some of the elements in the Incontrada line. Incontrada was designed for those who love to travel, for those seduced by the atmosphere of exotic distant lands; wistful yearnings, nostalgic memories, lulled by the recollection of a train’s rhythmic clatter in some far-off land. A welcoming country style atmosphere, where traditional rural pieces find their natural place alongside unexpected souvenirs collected during exotic travels.


Details like the exclusive handles highlight the artisanal manufacturing of the Incontrada solid wood kitchen. The details highlight its rational optimisation of well-accessorised spaces that come with electrical appliances of top brands. With walnut-coloured interiors and treated marble tops, the Incontrada country-style kitchen is available with dust, rope, beige and brick-red lacquering.