Incontrada – Kitchens


The green brightness of the Amazon rain forest, the yellow ochre of the Dhakla desert, the deep blue open sky of Ireland, the Moorish purple details of the houses in Andalusia: all this has inspired the original color range of Incontrada. This kitchen is designed for those who love to travel, for those seduced by the atmosphere of exotic lands, by calm faraway places where the only noise you hear is the rhythmic clattering of the train passing by. A cozy country-style atmosphere, where traditional rural pieces find their natural place alongside unexpected souvenirs collected during exotic journeys.


Elements such as the exclusive handles highlight the artisanal manufacturing of this solid wood kitchen.
The details highlight the rational optimization of a fully-accessorized kitchen, equipped with top brand appliances. Incontrada features walnut-color interiors and treated marble tops, and it’s available in dust, rope, beige and brick-red lacquering.

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