Hemingway – Kitchens

Maximum attention to detail in every kitchen

A free spirit, travels and a life-style off the beaten track, unforgettable moments and daring adventures all over the globe. An interior that recalls a life-time of memories and images full of excitement and adventure. The Hemingway line is the expression of a new type of life-style, outside the box, strong in personality. It has been designed for those who, like Hemingway, have a passion for nature, animals, meeting new people, and living life to the full, perhaps even writing a book about it; a kitchen for those who are drawn to all that is strong and authentic. Long voyages, the comfort of coming home to a warm fire, and the pleasure of talking over the latest adventures. Pulling out charts and maps of exotic places, old notebooks full of memories, and the excitement of planning a new tomorrow.


Wood is the real focus of the Hemingway module kitchen made with the cherry wood essence, which with its sophisticated charm creates a warm and welcoming environment.

Space is designed to meet any kind of need, with special attention to quality and functionality with the skilful insertion of electrical appliances of top brands.

Wood with cherry varnish or smoke-coloured lacquering, adequately treated marble, antique brass: all prestigious and elegant materials that reveal an ancient and yet timeless charm capable of making the experience of the Hemingway country-style kitchen unique and memorable.