Granduca – Kitchens

Sober and functional kitchens

This is a light romantic kitchen with all the flavours of Provence… a place for all the family, for a chat over a cup of coffee, playing with the children, trying out a cake inspired by a grandmother’s recipe… childhood memories. The Granduca kitchen recalls happy family meals, children wearing straw hats in a courtyard under a strong summer sun, laughing and chasing each other, and dipping their fingers into a jar of home-made blueberry jam. The warm sun of Southern France, the fragrance of lavender and mixed herbs inspire this colour palette: pastel shades of lilac and yellow on white. A kitchen that recalls a region strong in local traditions, where the perfumes of Provence blend with the atmosphere of a happy family home.


The colours of this Provencal-country style kitchen are combined together and create pleasant dual-tone surfaces featuring colours such as beige, dust, tope and dove, reminiscent of the colour shades of water courses.

Manufactured with prestigious materials, the Granduca artisanal kitchen made with solid wood, presents treated marble tops and special wooden finishes that highlight its beauty and elegance.

The careful insertion of electrical appliances of the best brands further enhances the functionality and practicality of the Granduca kitchen, whilst leaving its Provencal character intact.