Doria – Kitchens


The gentle lines of Doria remind of the slow rhythm of the Mediterranean waves, the lazy summer afternoons on the veranda, reading a good book in a rocking chair. Doria is inspired by southern landscapes: winding paths lined with cypresses, sunflower fields, the aroma of grape must in the air, and harvest celebrations in the public square. Imagine yourself stirring the polenta in the pot, serving a glass of red wine to your guests, as they await for the table to be ready. Doria is a nostalgic kitchen that inspires old family memories, enchanting places lost in time, far away from the chaos of urban life. A kitchen designed for happy families, who spend the evening around the table, always ready to add a seat for a friend or a neighbor; a room to chat or play a noisy game of cards.


The Doria artisanal kitchen is captivating with its sunny and lively beauty and its confident character, which is the winning quality of its free, informal composition. A modular country-style kitchen with highly attractive strong materials, such as solid wood, Carrara, Botticino and the marble Rosa Perlino. Its fresh look is enhanced by the lacquering available in dust, blue, rope and aquamarine green, reminiscent of marine atmospheres and the lush countryside of the Mediterranean.

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