Doralice – Kitchens

Kitchen with a purely rural setting

The charm of country houses with their coloured plastered walls and sloping old terracotta tiled roofs, bring back happy memories and a touch of nostalgia. For some time we have felt the need to a return to values of times past; the quiet dignity of our grandparents, a love of nature and beauty, often to be found in the simpler things that bring a feeling of harmony inside the home. Recalling traditional elements, the need to recover the values of times gone by, the wisdom of grandparents passed on with love and affection to new generations: Doralice is a kitchen designed for those who feel the need for the simple things of the past, the delicious flavour of a home-cooked country dish, rediscovering the long-forgotten pleasure of quiet country life.


Thanks to the marble cobblestone and the walnut dye, this artisanal kitchen acquires a very welcoming rural touch, adding elegance and poise.

A custom-made solid wood country-style kitchen, Doralice comes with electrical appliances of the best brands.