Dhialma – Kitchens

Kitchen designed for those who live in harmony with nature

A kitchen designed for those who love to live in harmony with nature, and who appreciate the soothing tranquillity of an interior that transforms daily routine into a place of quiet relaxation. Inspired by the life-style of the sun-soaked landscapes of the Mediterranean where life seems to still bond so closely with the land and ancient times, the Dhialma line evokes the dazzling brightness of Mediterranean sunlight, like a dream that lingers on after we have woken. Out of doors, dawn mists dissolve as the light rises on the horizon, and the silence is broken by the chirping of early birds. Inside, white walls reflect the gentle morning light, and the kitchen comes alive with the delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee… the kitchen takes shape with its smooth elegant line and the soft neutral colours of early morning; a comfortable welcoming kitchen, peaceful and relaxing.


In the artisanal Dhialma kitchen the natural tones of the marble tops and the selection of lacquerings with delicate tones, predominantly beige and grey, give areas the soft elegance of a simple and refined environment.

This solid wood country-style kitchen, which comes with top electrical appliances, reveals the modernity of pewter, a metal alloy used since ancient times to make tableware and tools.