Dechora – Kitchens


The initial impact is one of wide open spaces… the desire to draw a deep breath to absorb the feelings of beauty that warm the heart and calm the spirit. The beauty of nature leads to quiet reflection and helps to regain tranquillity. The creative balance between elements of nature and innovative design solutions are the keynotes to this impeccable kitchen with its understated but strong clean lines. The inspiration in creating this sophisticated Dechora model was to provide the ideal interior for a couple or family who wish to blend elegance with practicality, an expression of subtlety where natural materials are combined cleverly with latest cutting edge technology.


A custom-made exclusive kitchen with a very attractive look, Dechora is capable of rediscovering the appeal of small gestures by highlighting and combining materials such as the painted solid wood, decorated and satin-finished steel, marble and opus signinum used for the tops.

The kitchen designed by Dechora presents a new aesthetic, simple and stylish harmony, thanks to the colour combinations with decapè oak, silver French, stainless steel and black steel and the union between the naturalness of the furnishings and the cutting-edge electrical appliances of top brands.

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