BRERA 76 – Kitchens


Our kitchens are designed for people who want an original home and a real wood-fitted kitchen with natural charm at the heart of it. The kitchen space is defined by the beauty of the forms, the quality of the materials and the exquisiteness of the finishes: Brera 76 is a versatile kitchen concept that draws on the past and brings it originally into the future. It offers a variety of solutions mixing different volumes and materials, slotting seamlessly into every space, from country cottages to city lofts.


Meticulous care is paid to every step of the process behind a Brera76 concept kitchen. This can be seen in the solid wood we use, in the specific shades picked to lend character to the composition, in the attention to detail, like the decorative glass and tiles that are a joy to behold. The result is a home that is both welcoming and highly functional: wall units fitted to wood panels and deep drawers making rational use of space make light work of keeping the kitchen tidy. The taps Stella complete the kitchen.

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