Bar & Barman – Kitchens

A Kitchen with a timeless charm

Here, Marchi presents a uniquely sumptuous and stately concept. There’s no room for compromise: maniacal care goes into every detail, as the finest woodworkers craft each piece that will help build the most exclusive kitchen imaginable. If you’re looking for the very best, Bar & Barman is the answer: a space that can only be dreamed of, that will reinvent the way you think about the kitchen. In the pages that follow, an orchestra conductor has turned his dreams into reality.


Pewter gives a beautifully lived-in look to the furnishings, offering unparalleled results for the most luxurious and evocative of kitchens.

Another exquisite touch is the unique finish of the wood, which brings out its characteristic grain, while the eye-catching doors are much thicker than standard.