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The Aliant model boasts two systems: The Evolution System offering a new, wider variety of modules with a greater storage capacity, & The Look System featuring H. 75 cm modules. Come and choose the Aliant kitchen that best suits your needs.

Aliant kitchens are available in two design systems. The Evolution System offers enhanced modularity and greater storage capacity. The Look System comes in practical modules of 75 cm in height. Aliant focuses on one of the purest of all materials, glass, and combines it with HPL, the latest technical development in laminates. Aliant kitchens can be complemented with a choice of doors and other parts to design personal solutions. The harmonious reflections of their glass parts create a sensation of lightness in which innovation always has a leading role to play. Aliant kitchens come with a vast range of accessories to suit all needs. Choose the Aliant kitchen that suits you best.

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