1956 – Kitchens

A Kitchen with Sophisticated furniture solutions

1956 was designed with the goal of creating a furnishing design of great personality that offers unique sensations. This kitchen’s design is strong and uncompromising, letting the distinctive features of its personality be discovered. 1956 is a traditional kitchen surrounded by iron components, bolts, and rivets that become original furnishing ideas. It has a cosmopolitan personality that never stops impressing with ideas drawn from other cultures, almost like art installations, making for something of a spontaneous art exhibition in your home.


Restoration, rediscovery, creative reworking of ideas from other realms. For instance, the cooktop hood has the features of a grille of an old, World War II airplane. The carefully brushed and riveted metal graces the entire room with light and personality.

This kitchen gives you the wonderful feeling of having come home at last. It is large, light-infused, with the scent of wood and saltwater, but where steel is still master. The light, airy composition is replete with accessories, including a ladle holder, spice racks, vases and aluminum containers in alternation with ultra fine wood, beautifully treated to create an original, inviting space to enjoy any time of the day.