Trends vs. Classics for Kitchen Design

Just like a smart approach to building a wardrobe, a well-designed kitchen should incorporate both trends and tried and true classics. Every wardrobe needs certain basics that will work season after season. To keep the wardrobe fashionable, some of the latest trends should be added for accent. Ricci Milan knows this is the best approach to kitchen design.

The most important element of a well-designed kitchen is function. There is nothing trendy in this concept.  The layout should incorporate standard design practices for ease of use and safety. It should be tailored to the needs of the homeowner, built with durable materials, and be an inviting and comfortable place to cook. That being said, the way the kitchen is designed can still incorporate current trends.

The kitchen below meets today’s desire for large, open spaces with over-sized islands and specialty areas such as wine storage and computer stations. But it also includes many kitchen classics like timeless white cabinetry and dark counters.



This contemporary kitchen utilizes trends like the counters spilling down the side of the island and dark cabinetry. But it also presents the classic clean lines and the minimalist aspect of modern architecture as well as the traditional arrangement of the work triangle.

contemporary kitchen


Have fun with the trends, but incorporate them wisely. Save the trendiest items for things that can be changed easily — knobs, faucets, wall color, lighting and maybe backsplashes.

This kitchen was designed with changing trends in mind. The classic white shaker door, hardwood floors, marble counters are all very neutral and timeless.  It is combined with contemporary hardware, faucet, pendant light, and Lucite chairs – all easy enough to swap out if the home owner wants to follow the next style trend.

Bold color choices are a new trend in kitchens. Here the designer utilized the accent color in a smart way. Notice that in addition to the pendant lights, it is just some of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts that are green. The home owner will not have to replace the entire cabinet should they tire of their color choice.

kitchen design

A backsplash can be a great place to be daring and have fun with a trend. The key is to use the fashionable tile in a small area like behind a range. It keeps the look from becoming overwhelming and allows you to change it fairly easily.

To keep this very traditional kitchen from looking dull, a statement backsplash has been added. If the love for birds dwindles, only this small section needs to be replaced.

The kitchen room is a very important room in your home. Why not make it specialized to you? We offer complete custom Italian Kitchens from start to finish.