The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home today. Most people are looking for larger kitchens with plenty of space, but that just isn’t always possible. A smaller kitchen does not have to mean inefficient, nor does it mean that it can’t be an eye-catching part of your home. There are many ways to get more out of your small kitchen. Using the layout of your space, there are a lot of kitchen design Dubai style options that will give you more storage options while enhancing the style factor as well.

Install a Floating Table

Blank wall space is more valuable than you think. Elizabeth Stamp writes in Clever that if your one-wall kitchen space has a blank wall (even if it’s a small wall,) you can make good use of it and install a floating table. This adds an extra food prep area in a kitchen that will undoubtedly not have enough counter space.

Add a Food Prep Table

Islands are great, but they aren’t always practical depending upon space. Consider a table that can double as a dining table as a good way to expand your food preparation area. Try to get it to flow with the design and colour scheme of your counters so it will look stylistically like a part of the kitchen. This small kitchen design trick seems like a no-brainer, but the key is in the choice of table and making it flow with the rest of the kitchen.

Improve Lighting

The site Recently Heard discussed the importance of minimalism in German kitchens. One way to do this is through the installation of pendant lights that hang from the ceiling. Pendant lights will not take-up any counter space and are easily installed, adding lots of lighting to the kitchen area. If you want your small kitchen area to look much larger, this added lighting will do the trick.
The popularity of kitchen design Dubai style can do a lot in a small area.

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