Modular kitchens: Easy to design, install and maintain

Modular kitchen allow the designer and builder to arrange standardized cabinet and counter units in a way that fits each unique space. Because they can be configured for each homeowner’s style and budget, many designers and contractors prefer modular kitchen. 

Italian kitchens in Dubai make perfect sense, as they are ideally suited to warm climates. With their open style and emphasis on light and colour, they bring beauty and utility to homes where food is an art as well as a necessity. While modular kitchens use standardized units, there is no need for them to look dull or pedestrian. (This page has thousands of examples of different ways a modular kitchen can appear!)

You are probably already aware of the ‘kitchen triangle’—the concept that the refrigerator, sink, and stove are the most-used parts of the kitchen, and therefore the paths between them should be short and open. In a well-designed modular kitchen, the storage spaces are arranged to aid the cook and avoid clutter.

Modular kitchens are ideal for large and small projects. Installed in easy-to-manage, durable pieces, they can capture a luxurious mood and add to the value of a home or flat. Home buyers and renters often make decisions based on their first impression of the kitchen, and a modular kitchen can enhance the appeal of any location, from a small flat to a luxury villa. Architects and interior designers often specify modular kitchens for their luxury and semi-luxury units.

Each Ricci Milan modular kitchen seeks to provide visual attraction and up-to-date style as well as practical convenience. Having installed more than 10,000 kitchens in Dubai, we are happy to offer our expertise for your real estate project, working with you and your space to create modular kitchens that will delight their owners and residents for many years to come.

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