Modular Kitchens design

Spectacular Modular Kitchens Design In Dubai

It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of a home, where you gather with family and friends to cook your favorite meals. In our busy lives, it is has evolved to become an activity and entertainment center. In contemporary homes the kitchen serves a practical function, yet can also be the main focus of attention in your home’s design. At Ricci Milan, we see the kitchen as the epicenter that supports your lifestyle. We provide creative solutions for efficient modular kitchens in Dubai that add to the beauty and prestige of your home.

Modular Kitchens Design in Dubai To Suit Your Lifestyle

Your kitchen should make a statement about your values. Knowing what matters most to you plays a significant role in the planning and designing process for your modular kitchen.

  • Is your kitchen used more for family activities or for entertaining guests?
  • Do you prefer a traditional or contemporary look and feel?
  • Does everyone in your home participate in meal preparation or do you consider your kitchen the “Chef’s” domain?
  • Will you be selling your home in the near future or do you plan to live in it indefinitely?

Kitchen Design Dubai

Easy To Design And Install

When planning for a new kitchen, designing it for maximum convenience means making the best use of the available space. The advantage of installing a modular kitchen is that we can easily create a custom design that gives you the storage and counter space you need. For optimum functionality, we place the most highly used areas of your kitchen -the stove, the refrigerator and the sinks within easy access. During the installation, we set up the combination of modules, such as cabinet units and counters quickly and efficiently.

Modular Kitchens Design In Dubai

We are pleased to offer only the best in customer service and the finest quality modular kitchens from Italy and Germany. To ensure durability, beauty and easy maintenance, we only use solid wood in our kitchen installations. Whether you are planning to build a new villa, renovate your current home, or add a pantry area to your commercial space, we guarantee a luxury kitchen that adds value and prestige to your home or office. We invite home owners, building contractors, architects and interior designers to contact us for complementary modular kitchens design in Dubai.