Modular Kitchen Ideas

Modular Kitchen Ideas That Help Organise and Beautify

If cooking in your existing kitchen makes you feel like you’re navigating a maze, then there’s no better time than now to go modular! Italian modular kitchens by Ricci Milan can not only organise your cooking space but also beautify it, making it easy to bring luxurious charm to the most-used room in your home. Here are but a few ideas to consider incorporating into your new design.

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Bottle Units

Bottles and jars can take up lots of space, making it challenging to store other food items and spice containers. By having bottle units installed, you can store bottles aesthetically, find cooking oils and sauces more easily while freeing up other surface areas.

Corners Units

One of the great things about modular kitchens is that they make use of otherwise wasted spaces, and this includes corners. With corner units, you benefit from the additional room plus a multitude of ways to access it. For example, L-shaped shelves allow for maximum storage, especially of bulky items, while carousels are great for pots, pans, and other frequently used cookware.

Wall Units

A properly-designed kitchen wall unit is an elegant way to hide drawers, shelves, and even appliances. You can choose to enclose the units with shutters, glass doors, select a different finish which stands out, or have the units blend in almost totally with the adjacent wall. Our Stosa, Marchi, and Euromobil kitchens are entirely customizable, so you don’t have to stick with any one type of wall unit throughout the entire kitchen.

Total Home Design by Ricci Milan

Besides being easy to design, install, and maintain, modular kitchens are also an excellent way to renovate the heart and soul of your home with minimal downtime. We offer selections ranging from the clean and modern look to traditional styles and even hassle-free customization of cabinets. You can trust our professionally-trained staff to work with every aspect of your needs and budget. For free kitchen design in Dubai, please call us today at +971 4 338 6008.