Luxury Kitchen Designs in Dubai

A luxury kitchen is an excellent addition to any home especially when it transforms a functional and utilitarian area into a stylish and comfortable space. Kitchens are becoming the epicentre in the home as a gathering spot for conversation, dining, and homework. Nothing beats a luxury modular kitchen for its sleek construction, durability, and ease of installation. But what exactly is a luxury kitchen?

There is no one definition that makes one space more sophisticated than another. It can be the materials used, the unique colour combinations and finishes, and even the lighting. Below are some examples of luxury kitchen designs and what makes them special.

  • This stunning modular L shaped design kitchen has retro visuals with a strong personality that looks like an art exhibition in your home. The riveted metal and bolts on the stove resemble a 1950s era plane. Opposing metal and wood textures recall a historical era and create a functional and visually sophisticated space.
  • If you are planning a kitchen with a U or C shaped design consider luxury styling with the traditional warmth of wood tones contrasted with dark counters. The cohesive warm tones of the golden cabinet hardware suffuse the layout with calming sophistication. The modern angling of one side of the counter adds interest and originality.
  • In a two-way galley or parallel kitchen, sleek modern lines with bursts of colour in an otherwise neutral palette creates a punchy, fun kitchen that easily blends with a contemporary decor. Glossy doors and unique accents such as a wooden counter complete the open galley look.
  • And possibly the most popular design style, if there is enough space for it, is the island or open space kitchen. This example combines elegance with practicality by using stainless and black steel framed in oak. The union of cutting edge and natural elements calms and quietly energizes the space.

When fully customized these design styles exude luxury with unique materials, surprising colours and innovative accents. When you choose a modular kitchen the cost stays true to the estimate and the quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Luxury modular kitchens are easy to design, install and maintain. With experience installing over 10,000 kitchens Ricci Milan is ready to help with competitive prices and free kitchen design.

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