Leading Italian Kitchen designer

Ricci Milan provides customized kitchen designs and it is one of the best kitchen supplier in Dubai. We provide a wide choice of materials to keep your kitchen a classy look. Our customers can get
a taste of the 21st century in their kitchen and thus get a contemporary feel. We also design the kitchen furniture and accessories in a very affordable cost. Our experts help you to design your kitchen in a unique style. We try to satisfy our customers by providing timely service and design according to their requirement. We are one of the leading designer of Italian kitchen in Dubai.

Ricci Milan is a guide to your kitchen renovation or kitchen designing. If you have and unfitted kitchen and you are design fanatic, looking out for new ways to decorate your kitchen, you can visit us or step into our store. We focus on maximizing every inch of your kitchen and also evoking on charm and creativity. This will also help you to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and spend happy moments in your kitchen.

You can choose a wide range of modern and contemporary design from our brochures. The modern Laclip style is preferred and widely chosen by our customers. This style will provide high level
aesthetic value to your kitchen at an affordable price. Various innovative materials such as thermo structured TSS dark wood and optic ecolaccato are used in this style. You can also choose aleve design to give your kitchen a modern look.

The well balanced mirrors will boost up the modernity and liveliness of your kitchen. It gives a touch of glamour and also meets the rationality and ergonomics at the same time. We also use filofree steel to design and decorate the kitchen. This steel is hardest and it is one of the top quality steel. The chefs who spend most of their time in kitchen prefer to choose our filofree style. It gives your kitchen the look of a workstation. In each of the styles, you can choose varieties of colours for different kinds of kitchen accessories. Our customers can also customize different designs with the help of our experts and design their dream kitchen. We also specialize in minimalist acrylic door panels that open with touch and don’t
require any other hardware. We provide 100% unique designs which blends simplicity along with soft curvature and a contemporary flare within your kitchen space.

For best kitchen design & consultancy, please call Ricci Milan at +971 4 3386008