Install The Best Modular Kitchen Designs In Dubai

The kitchen is an important aspect of your home. A  clear-cut modern design will go a long way in improving the overall value of your home. In recent days, more people are opting for traditional kitchen designs. However, we always insist on a design that matches your family needs and personal preferences. For over 30 years now, we have been helping homeowners design modular kitchens to suit the taste of modern living. At Ricci Milan, we aim at combining our design expertise with your desired outcome to help you install the kitchen design of your dreams.

Our Italian Kitchen Designs

Nothing defines Italian kitchens better the exposed wood and the hue Mediterranean look. Italy is a county known for its vibrant culture and food. When designing an Italian kitchen, you must be ready to spend money on high-quality wood with natural crafting. However, at Ricci Milan, we do not only focus on traditional Italian kitchens.  We offer different modern and traditional modular kitchen designs such as:

Stosa Kitchens

Stosa kitchens are  100% modular modern designs that can be customized to suit your desired classic taste. This design helps coordinate furniture in a way that suits your cuisine and lifestyle.

Multi-purpose Island Designs

According to a Forbes publication,  designing homes with a multi-purpose setup has become a trend. Such kitchens provide the best option for family time. The Marchi Group kitchens try to incorporate the traditional family kitchen into your modern space.  Usually includes a multi-purpose cabinet that may serve as a dining table or countertop.

Why Chose Our Modular Kitchen Designs

At Ricci Milan, we work hard to help you get the best Italian kitchen designs in Dubai. We provide kitchen design and installation solutions that are tailored to your personal needs. We offer fair prices and maintain high standards to ensure that you enjoy your luxury kitchen for long. If you are looking to install a new kitchen, we are here to advise on design, materials, and interior decor.  Contact us for consultations via phone or email. Once we receive your call, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the details of your house and what can be done.