Exclusive Kitchen designer in Dubai

Ricci Milan, a leading interior designer company of Dubai provides total solution for your home. You can design your dream home with our new Italian kitchen designs. We assure you sophisticated and quality designs and will provide you the best Italian kitchen. You can design your kitchen according to the classic, contemporary or modern designs provided by our experts. In classic kitchen design, you can design your kitchen according to Focolare,Bolgheri, Dolcevita, Malaga and many more exclusive designs.

If you choose Focolare, you can design your kitchen in solid chesnut wood panels with high quality material. The handles of the kitchen cabinets in Focolare design is also very exclusive. In Aida style, the classic lines produce flawless perfection and linearity to your kitchen. This style echoes the heart of the classic style and there are many technological innovations in this style. The components and the materials used are of premium quality and the finish is very smooth and good.

In Malaga style, the traditions, materials and the style have tested the time and it gives a warm sense of hospitality from the past traditions. This style gives a feeling of the past with modern amenities and technologies. Ricci Milan also provides contemporary kitchen designs to their esteemed customers. In contemporary style, you can choose Maxim and this offers a new solution to the kitchen environment. You can personalize your own modules accordingly in this style with open and close compartments. There are large wall cabinets and wall units where you can store all your kitchen accessories. You can prefer to choose this style as it gives a different look to your kitchen in a small space with unique style. It makes your kitchen personalized and thus can help you to adapt to the modern lifestyle.

If you want to get a good Italian taste of the late 19 th century, you can prefer to choose our new Ontario contemporary kitchen design. The varnished finish or the magnolia finish gives a glossy look to your kitchen. This style is valued by our customers as it is gives your kitchen a unique look within an affordable cost. This wall cabinets and the wall units in Ontario style are made of 25mm oak wood. In modern kitchen designs, you can choose Quadrica, Replay Next, Mood, Filolain, Bring and many more styles. Just step into our store or call us to know more about us and make your home a dream home.

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