Modular Kitchen

Essentials to Design a Modular Kitchen in Dubai

Italian kitchen designs are varied; they can be natural and straightforward, or vibrant and full of life. Also, depending on the person, modular kitchens in Dubai following the Italian design can adopt the sleek and innovative modern designs, or the old and full of charm designs.

Nonetheless, some essentials remain constant. Here we guide you from beginning to end about Italian kitchen designs.

Colour is the Foundation

Colour is the soul of any Italian Kitchen as well as modular kitchens in Dubai, and it is the foundation on which everything else stands. Cobalt, terra cotta, mustard yellow, a variety of greens, blues, and the softer blues of the sky and sea are part of the landscape and are considered when designing.

The bright colours are great for the walls, while the floor should be ancient paving stones. The furniture should be dark woods, but you can play around with white furniture. And speaking of furniture, that is the second essential component.

Modular Kitchen in Dubai


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it should accommodate large groups. Invest in a large wooden harvest table, and add seats around the table. You can use benches for that traditional feel with two large chairs at either end.

Focus on Simplicity and Character

Simplicity and character are the reasons for its popularity. The food is the focus of the kitchen, and you don’t want an outlandish design interfering with that.

Simplicity involves stainless steel appliances, black and white or bright enamel finish, distressed wood, and painted carpentry.


Accessories are what will bring life into your kitchen. Include a few pots with herbs either to bring a good accent or for cooking. Get brightly coloured dishes and put them on display. Hang pans on the walls for easy access, and leave cookbooks out on display for better accessibility, or a touch of sophistication.

With these essentials, you can create a tradition or modern Italian kitchen. Also, for free kitchen designs, please call +971 4 338 6008, or contact us.