Enjoy the Latest Trends in Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular kitchens are essential in the creation of a modern and functional home. Easy to design, they are also easy to install and maintain. They are the latest trend in home décor and popular with men, women, interior designers and contractors.

Modern chic

Modular kitchens give a home a more contemporary look. Their streamlined design incorporates appliances and cabinets that have one theme and complement each other, giving the kitchen a sophisticated and professional look.

Versatility and Space Saving Design

Unit sizes and colors can be mixed and matched, offering an organized space with a better workflow. These kitchens allow for compact space saving units, avoidance off clutter and the best utilization of space. This organization is especially crucial to smaller kitchens.

Modular kitchen designs use smart techniques to create much needed extra storage space in an aesthetically pleasing manner making maximum use of every corner.

Added Protection for a Longer Life

The most significant advantage of the modular kitchens is that they are far more durable. Ricci Milan ensures this durability through the use of the best quality heat and water resistant plywood for cabinets. They also use Aluminum for added protection in vulnerable areas, and counter-tops are designed to withstand damage.

Ease of installation

Ricci Milan brings in completed units, ready to install. This portability makes them easy to dismantle and reinstall elsewhere if needed. The time from order to installation is much less than with traditional kitchens, and they are easier to maintain.

Experience and Choice

The kitchen in the home is typically the heart of the family home, giving families a place to congregate, eat and socialize. Something that important should be carefully designed and installed by expert hands. Ricci Milan brings 30 years of experience to the business with over 10,000 kitchens designed and installed.

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