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Basics of Modern Kitchen Design and Remodel: 4 Insightful Kitchen Tips

Today’s kitchen is no longer “just” a kitchen. It has become the ideal place for candid family talks, doing homework, lounging, and even watching TV. It is usually the room that most people gravitate towards during a party, meal times and particularly when considering a home purchase.

Interestingly, whereas we cannot underpin the importance of ample kitchen space, homeowners do not regard kitchen design or remodelling as a big deal. After all, it’s just a matter of picking your best colours and match them to bring out harmony. Then tag along with a few sleek appliances, and you are good to go, right?

Wrong!! Kitchen design and remodel is both an art and a science. You need to comply with critical design principles to guarantee you a safe, friendly and aesthetic kitchen environment.

Please take a look at our brief outline of basic features for a superior kitchen remodel and design.

1. Reduced Traffic, Optimized Functionality

Kitchens are usually high traffic areas in most settings. In your kitchen design or remodelling project, ensure that the primary pathway in your kitchen space is free of hazards and is not obstructed by open oven or refrigerator doors.

Your kitchen’s design will significantly affect how usable your space will be. For instance, you don’t want to place your fridge too far from your oven. Designers leverage a principle known as the work triangle to enhance the functionality of your kitchen.

You can liaise with a professional interior designer to help you have easy times when preparing and serving meals, cleaning or while hosting guests.

Basics of Modern Kitchen Design and Remodel

2. Ample Storage Space

Sufficient storage should be a primary consideration for your kitchen design or remodelling project. Legend has it that beautiful kitchen cabinetry will offer an excellent storage option while adding an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen space.

3. Superior Lighting

Pretty much like a healthy balanced meal, your kitchen requires a combination of the right lights to help you accomplish daily tasks in the kitchen seamlessly. Recessed downlighting, under-cabinet LEDs, and pendant lights are some popular examples you can use to enhance your kitchen lighting.

Natural lighting is key to keep off mould and mildew from your kitchen. An interior designer is your go-to person to help you achieve kings lighting for your kitchen.

4. Install the Cooker/Stove/Oven on an Exterior Wall

In your kitchen design or remodelling project, install your cooker or oven on an exterior wall rather than on an interior or island wall. This is a good thumb rule and makes it easier and cheaper when you will be installing a ventilation system in your kitchen.

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