Modular Kitchen in Dubai

4 Bespoke Designs For Modular Kitchen in Dubai

With modern technology seeping into our lives, we have slowly transitioned from traditional kitchen designs to modular kitchen design. The most popular designs in the recent times have been Italian modular kitchens. Customers have chosen Italian designs over others because of its minimalism. You can easily bring in the essence of Italian design in your modular kitchen in Dubai.

We understand how overwhelming it could be to select from so many vast designs in the market. To make your task easier, we have prepared a list of designs that you could incorporate in your modular kitchen in Dubai.

Look to get an idea:

Island Kitchen

The first and foremost design that you could opt for is the island kitchen. The island kitchen is a very smart way to utilize your kitchen space. You would be having two separate counter tops in your kitchen are. One would be the space for your gas stove, and another would have the sink and other cabinets for storing supplies. Isn’t that a great way to distribute the load but in a stylish way? One kitchen counter with lots of articles heaped on it gives a very clumsy look. If you have the space to distribute the load, then island kitchen is the best option for you.

Italian modular kitchens

Fitting Household Appliances

The first appliance that comes to our mind when we talk of kitchens is the fridge. There are several designs to choose from. But a well-articulated modular kitchen not only focuses on the design but also how well you could make use of the space. One of the most trademarks of Italian modular kitchens is a wall fridge. It is a simple way to fit in the refrigerator within the wall as a cabinet. This way you would not only make more space for other appliances but also your own mobility. A mid-sized kitchen would benefit a lot from such designs.

Kitchen Hood

The most underrated appliance in a kitchen is the hood. Not many people understand that a hood could also be a useful element in modular kitchen design. You could get a customized hood of desired shape and size. You could opt for innovative designs such as retractable hoods, integrated hoods and even sliding down hoods.

Oven fitting

You must be wondering what could you possibly do with ovens? As suggested by Italian kitchen experts, you can customize your ovens too. One of the most recommended design would be integrating the oven into doored operating columns. This would make your kitchen look very presentable and clean. You could also integrate the ovens beside coffee makers and vacuum drawers.


The ideas listed above are basic designs that would help you make the best use of the space in your kitchen. To apply any of these ideas or kore, feel free to contact Ricci Milan, the most trusted store for modular kitchen in Dubai at 97143386008 or email us at We offer free consultation to all our callers. Our best team is awaiting to cater to all your needs. Call us NOW!!!