Modern Kitchen Design in Dubai

3 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Modern Kitchen Design in Dubai

While constructing or remodeling your modern kitchen design in Dubai, you often forget various factors. Before diving into the renovation process of a kitchen, some tips are needed to be considered. Try to avoid making expensive investments. Be smart to choose a sleek and sophisticated style.

Homeowners often do some common mistakes to decorate a kitchen. Therefore experts suggest avoiding those mistakes as follows:

  1. Wasting Space in the Kitchen

Whether you have a big or a small kitchen, creating a compact step-saving work core is important. We hope you do not want to walk a mile to make the meal in the kitchen. Most people waste the kitchen space by setting the gas far away from the kitchen counter. This makes cooking and serving complicated.

modern kitchen design in Dubai

You should avoid this mistake. Generate the dead space in the cooking room. It would help if you tried to pick the areas that will work hard during dining, meal preparation, and spending family time while eating. So, avoid this mistake.

  1. Choosing Light Shades for the Wall of the Kitchen

You may think light shades are sophisticated for German kitchen design, but you are mistaken. Light colors cannot help your walls absorb the heat during summer. So, do not choose light hues for your kitchen.

If the color of your kitchen is affected due to gas, oil, and dirt, the interior of your kitchen will look messy and untidy. Therefore, be smart to choose dark and bright colors such as crimson, cobalt blue, dark peach, and deep pastel color. You can also use spray paint on the walls of your kitchen. Maintain the beauty of your kitchen by choosing accurate colors. If the wall paint is of your choice, then your house won’t look odd. Remember, wall paint is psychologically connected to you while cooking. So, define fine colors with advanced style.

  1. Over Sizing and Overloading the Kitchen Island 

Yes, in a big cooking room, two islands are always better than one. However, overloading your kitchen won’t look good. It will look clumsy if you do that. Overstuffing the islands with baskets, dinnerware, and other items can create a similar problem. Moreover, the kitchen may look clumsy if you overload it.

The modern kitchen designs in Dubai are simple but sophisticated. Expert interior decorators suggest keeping necessary goods in the kitchen. Moreover, keeping the right thing in the right place is important to find it later. So, be classic and sleek.

Final Thoughts

We know that it is not easy to choose a proper German kitchen design for your modern cookery room. However, our experts in Ricci Milan are ready to help you. Try to avoid some mistakes that make the kitchen styling clumsy. Contact us at 97143386008 or email us at

We are always ready to help you with various kitchen remodeling ideas. Once you connect with us, it will be our liability to update your modern kitchen in a trendy way. So, what are you thinking? Reach us soon!