5 Things to Consider about Modern Kitchen Design Dubai

We grow with time and so does our taste. Updating your kitchen aesthetics is a great way test your creativity. But before you do that, you must consider a few important aspects about modern kitchen cabinets Dubai.

Look at this blog to get a fresh idea on modern kitchen design Dubai.

1. Materials Used

You must verify about the kind and quality of materials being used for designing your kitchen. It is very important that longevity of the design is prioritized over everything. Therefore. plywood, plastered tiles are few examples of what you should b expecting to be sued. These materials not only enhance the look of your kitchen but also make sure that it lasts with minimum maintenance. You should always aim to get your hands on these materials.

2. Timeless Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

It is always recommended that you stick to timeless design. Vintage Italian cabinet design is always the most preferable ones since they depict class. Timeless design is always above the trend. While trends fade away, class always stays. Vintage is timeless therefore you must try to stick to those designs.

3. Colors

People are always conflicted as to which color should be incorporated in the designs. Sometimes bright color plays can be a little too overwhelming. Therefore, you can go for beiges. Black has been overused in kitchen cabinets. Therefore, a switch from black to beige would be a good choice. Beige is classy and goes with all kinds of space.

4. Determine the space

Another important aspect to consider is space. If your kitchen is small or midsized, there should be smaller cabinets to fit in your toiletries. The cooktops should not be too big but spacious enough for gas stoves. One or two big cabinets would make the kitchen look proportionate to the eye.

5. Budget

Last but not the least, budget is very important.  All your creative ideas boil down to making a budget. A proper budget dedicated to design, technicians, construction etc. would help you to plan your move better. You would be more aware as to what sum goes where. Without a budget, it might get too overwhelming for you as there are too many arenas that needs to taken care of. A well-researched customer is always the one who is ahead of all tasks. If you wish to help your dealer in creating a space of your likings, you must surf through online and offline sources to find the most competent prices in the market. Sometimes online blogs and comments on websites can become a great guide for customers looking for specific answers.


Looking for expert advice on modern kitchen cabinets Dubai, talk to technicians and experts at Ricci Milan. We are premium brand based out of Dubai that help in fulfilling your dreams on kitchen aesthetics. We have been constantly working in this industry for the past decade with an impeccable record of serving our customers with the best and most luxurious designs. Book a consultation for free on +97143386008 or email us at  info@riccimilan.com. We would love to hear from you.

6 Factors of Classic Kitchen Design in Dubai

Despite being modern and stylish, the rise of classic kitchen designs in Dubai is increasing with the culture and custom. The grandiose design scheme and colour palette can create aesthetic space with the trends for a long time. The key features of the kitchen design are based on the custom and culture of your home. Take a look at some necessary elements of the kitchen:

Accessories and Decoration

The prime feature of a classic kitchen is the accessories and design. Expert designers suggest corbels, crown moldings, Wainscot Island, and wooden furniture.

The embellishment should be like the Victorian and Elizabethan ages. You have to remember the adornment should be classic. If the drawers and cupboards are made of wood, it would show their classic feature.

Classic Countertops

When you choose kitchen designs in Dubai, pick a luxurious design for your food unit. You may select Granite and Quartz that is the sign of a classic kitchen. You may also choose a marble-imitating countertop for the kitchen countertop of your house. Classic kitchens are always bright and lustrous.

Neutral Wall Colour

Choose wall paint and design that has royal touch in it. Pick up edgy and pop colours such as white, light cherry colour, royal blue, and light beige. The warm colours were the sign of classic and royalty during ancient times. If you choose light colours then they can fabricate the style of your cooking zone.

Kitchen Design in Dubai

You should choose an edgy style that sticks with the wall and interior of your home. The luxury and sophistication are the prime parts of the wall paint that helps in managing the beauty of your home.

Raised and Vintage Panel Cabinets

Simplicity in cabinetry design has the touch and blend of driftwood in the kitchen. Classic style rejuvenates the growth structure and design of your cabinets. If the cabinet is not stylized properly, the traditional touch won’t get eulogized.

Backsplash Kitchen Crockery Sets

High patterned and colorful backsplashes of utensils and decorative accessories can be stylized with a high-pattern design. It is necessary to choose utensils as per your classic kitchen designs in Dubai. Metals, ivory and classic glass utensil collections are the best way to stylize your home aesthetically.

The utensils and other decorations play a great role in your kitchen always. Therefore, you should always look after the structural planning along with the natural metals in your home.

Ornate the Kitchen with Lighting

Do you love chic chandeliers for your beautiful traditional kitchen? Choose detail-oriented decorative lighting for your home. You can also choose the pattern and effective shades for the functional lighting of your kitchen unit.


Final Thoughts

After knowing the classic style of kitchen designs in Dubai you may like to choose the style. You can get a free consultation from us or contact Ricci Milan at 971-4-3386008. We are there to help you with various types of suggestions and plans. Request for the quotation from our team! Our experts are ready to help you.

5 Tips by Reputed Kitchen Consultancy in Dubai for Designing Modular Kitchen

Implementing and decorating the modular kitchen is not rocket science nowadays. You need to choose an expert interior designer in a kitchen consultancy in Dubai. There are a few factors that are needed to be kept in the mind. For remodeling or constructing a kitchen some important factors are:

  • Budget
  • Space
  • Condition of the Place
  • Style

Kitchen Consultancy in Dubai for Designing Modular Kitchen

Simple, classiness and chic style are needed for a modular kitchen. So, try to find an authentic kitchen consultancy in Dubai like Ricci Milan. The experts in this company can provide you with some novel tips to design a kitchen while constructing or renovating:

1.     Plan the Kitchen Design

 Crafting a kitchen with contemporary design generally involves structural works such as designing, painting, and developing other structural works. Blending perfect architecture in kitchen design is necessary for your home. The design reflects the outcome of your home.

The successful blending and perfect architecture of the colours, and style like U shape, straight kitchen, island kitchen, and L shaped kitchen are popular. So, consult with the experts before designing a kitchen.

2.     Focus on the Space of the Kitchen Interior

Your kitchen may be large or small but it should look spacious. Expert interior designers can suggest you choose the perfect modular countertop, cupboard, and drawers. If your kitchen is not spacious, you should keep less furniture and install more drawers. Choose proper wall, flooring and colour to make the kitchen look spacious and large.

3.     Buy quality Material for Decorating the Kitchen

Premium and long-lasting quality materials are needed for decorating the interior and exterior parts of your food unit.

The experienced kitchen consultancy in Dubai can suggest to you how to choose quality materials at affordable price. Remember, you cannot compromise your quality in terms of money. Always purchase durable products to decorate your kitchen.

4.     Focus on the Wall Paint

The wall paint should be according to the style and size. The colour of the wall paint should be waterproof and dark if the kitchen is medium or small. The large kitchens should have light-shaded wall paint.

If you choose spray paint, you should always focus on the side of the walls. Never spray the painting design on the left or right side. It is better to paint the colour in the centre of your kitchen.

5.     Discuss the Budget

Ask for a quote from the company once you have decided to remodel your kitchen in a modular design. Find affordable dealers but don’t compromise the quality. If your budget is planned, you can easily get in touch with them


Final Words

Ricci Milan is a kitchen consultancy in Dubai that can help you deal with matters easily. You can construct and renovate your kitchen by directly contacting us. Gone are those days when you had to visit and find dealers after hardship. Get in touch with us at 971-4-3386008 to know more about us. We would be happy to suggest and help you.

4 Bespoke Designs For Modular Kitchen in Dubai

With modern technology seeping into our lives, we have slowly transitioned from traditional kitchen designs to modular kitchen design. The most popular designs in the recent times have been Italian modular kitchens. Customers have chosen Italian designs over others because of its minimalism. You can easily bring in the essence of Italian design in your modular kitchen in Dubai.

We understand how overwhelming it could be to select from so many vast designs in the market. To make your task easier, we have prepared a list of designs that you could incorporate in your modular kitchen in Dubai.

Look to get an idea:

Island Kitchen

The first and foremost design that you could opt for is the island kitchen. The island kitchen is a very smart way to utilize your kitchen space. You would be having two separate counter tops in your kitchen are. One would be the space for your gas stove, and another would have the sink and other cabinets for storing supplies. Isn’t that a great way to distribute the load but in a stylish way? One kitchen counter with lots of articles heaped on it gives a very clumsy look. If you have the space to distribute the load, then island kitchen is the best option for you.

Italian modular kitchens

Fitting Household Appliances

The first appliance that comes to our mind when we talk of kitchens is the fridge. There are several designs to choose from. But a well-articulated modular kitchen not only focuses on the design but also how well you could make use of the space. One of the most trademarks of Italian modular kitchens is a wall fridge. It is a simple way to fit in the refrigerator within the wall as a cabinet. This way you would not only make more space for other appliances but also your own mobility. A mid-sized kitchen would benefit a lot from such designs.

Kitchen Hood

The most underrated appliance in a kitchen is the hood. Not many people understand that a hood could also be a useful element in modular kitchen design. You could get a customized hood of desired shape and size. You could opt for innovative designs such as retractable hoods, integrated hoods and even sliding down hoods.

Oven fitting

You must be wondering what could you possibly do with ovens? As suggested by Italian kitchen experts, you can customize your ovens too. One of the most recommended design would be integrating the oven into doored operating columns. This would make your kitchen look very presentable and clean. You could also integrate the ovens beside coffee makers and vacuum drawers.


The ideas listed above are basic designs that would help you make the best use of the space in your kitchen. To apply any of these ideas or kore, feel free to contact Ricci Milan, the most trusted store for modular kitchen in Dubai at 97143386008 or email us at info@riccimilan.com. We offer free consultation to all our callers. Our best team is awaiting to cater to all your needs. Call us NOW!!!

5 Ways of Maintaining your Modern Kitchen Design in Dubai

With each passing day, the living standards of people are changing. Traditional designs are making way for modern kitchen design in Dubai. People want their houses to look good and stylish while making use of the same old utilities of a kitchen.

These days people prefer having modular kitchens in Dubai. But while having the best design is preferable, you should also know how to maintain the design for the longest time. Cleaning and maintaining is an essential chore when it comes to enjoying longevity of kitchen designs.

Modern Kitchen Design

Let us look at the most common and easiest 5 ways of maintaining modular kitchens in Dubai:

1.   Clean the space regularly

You might often see a yellow stain on your kitchen counter tops. This is an outcome of not cleaning them regularly. The oil and grease often tend to leave these residual stains. The only and most convenient way to clean these stains off is regular cleaning. Just get a cloth wet and wipe it over the counter. Yes, that’s all you need to do. You may even wet the countertops with disinfectants and wipe them with mops.

2.   Get in the deepest corners

While countertops are exposed to our eyes, we tend to forget the shelves and cabinets. These places attract grease and oil too. You must first dust them properly and then wipe them with a cloth. Mostly cabinets are made up of either wood. If these materials are not taken care of daily, it might tarnish sooner than expected.

3.   Wipe the dishes

Every modern kitchen design in Dubai comes with a dishwasher. Dishwashers are very useful if you intend to save your time from washing them manually every day. But dishwashers need maintenance too. To avoid water clogging, you should wipe your dishes before placing them into the washers. The detergent should also be removed or cleaned every week to make sure no residue seeps into the washer.

4.   Use baking soda

Another effective way of cleaning off grease and oil off the walls of your kitchen is using baking soda. Baking soda has cleaning properties in them that takes off all stickiness from surfaces. You may mix a cup of water and baking soda for cleaning the surfaces. They act as a bleaching substitute for cleaning purposes.

5.   Use the right scrubbers

There are several types of scrubbers in the market. But most scrubbers can spoil your utensils and tiles. To avoid such mishaps, you should invest in nylon scrubbers. They are soft and can be squeezed to get in the deepest corners of cabinets and cupboards. Just dip them either in water or detergent infused water to clean dirty surfaces.

With an experience of 30 years in the market, Ricci Milan is still topping the charts. We offer best curated services for our customers. In these past years, we have designed and installed more than 10,000 modern kitchens designs in Dubai. To experience our highly skilled services at reasonable prices, contact us either on your number or drop an email. We also offer free consultations for customers. If you planning to get a modular kitchen, we can help you achieve the same. Connect to us on +97143386008

5 Tips to Decorate Kitchen with German Kitchen Design

Decorating a kitchen is the most important factor for your dream house. The German kitchen design can be of various types. You need to follow some smart tips to design a kitchen in a bright and chic style with an aesthetic layout. Before you consider the decorative and colourful features of the kitchen, it is necessary to know the style to decorate both large and small kitchens. Here we have provided you with some tips to decorate your kitchen in an innovative style:

1.     Plan the Layout of Your Kitchen with Space

Always remember, whether you have a small or a large kitchen, you should plan it based on a space-oriented place. If your kitchen is spacious, cooking and other works become easy.

There should be a kitchen island or a counter from which you can serve food. If you have a cupboard and you keep the kitchen utensils inside it, then you can make the cooking room spacious. Most of the modern kitchen design plans are simple and classic.

2.     Choose Right Colours for the Cabinets of the Kitchen

Your kitchen should neither be dark nor be light in colour. Try to choose oil paint for the walls and cabinets of your kitchen. The cabinet colour should be bright and classic matched with the walls.

The bright-shaded kitchen should reflect light around the back of the room and dining so that it looks larger. The south-facing rooms can be perfect for your house. Some people like printed walls and cabinets to paint and decorate your house.

3.     Choose Durable Worktops for Your Kitchen

You should choose the best kitchen worktops with the right finish. If the worktops are not durable, you cannot chop meat and vegetables properly. Moreover, the colour of the worktops should be contrasted to the cabinets of the kitchen.

For example, if you have dark cabinets, then the worktops should be light. They should be washable. Worktops define the style of German kitchen design aesthetically.

4.     Check the Kitchen Storage

To plan the kitchen design, you have to make perfect storage to keep groceries. You may not have enough storage space in your kitchen. But if you have a corner to store crockery and vegetables, then you can keep the things properly. You may also keep all the necessary things properly if you can manage them.

5.     Select Right Lighting for Your Kitchen

It is necessary to choose the right lights for your kitchen because without proper light you cannot chop vegetables and maintain other things. Moreover, the classic lights at the upper portion can maintain the style of your kitchen.


Summing Up

The tips of the German kitchen design plan may be suitable for your house. So, you have to be gracious in planning the internal and external parts of the cooking room. Try to make it simple and beautiful. If you adopt the ideas, then planning your kitchen decoration can be fruitful. To get an idea from the expert of Ricci Milan, contact us at 971 4 3386008 or email us at info@riccimilan.com.

3 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Modern Kitchen Design in Dubai

While constructing or remodeling your modern kitchen design in Dubai, you often forget various factors. Before diving into the renovation process of a kitchen, some tips are needed to be considered. Try to avoid making expensive investments. Be smart to choose a sleek and sophisticated style.

Homeowners often do some common mistakes to decorate a kitchen. Therefore experts suggest avoiding those mistakes as follows:

  1. Wasting Space in the Kitchen

Whether you have a big or a small kitchen, creating a compact step-saving work core is important. We hope you do not want to walk a mile to make the meal in the kitchen. Most people waste the kitchen space by setting the gas far away from the kitchen counter. This makes cooking and serving complicated.

modern kitchen design in Dubai

You should avoid this mistake. Generate the dead space in the cooking room. It would help if you tried to pick the areas that will work hard during dining, meal preparation, and spending family time while eating. So, avoid this mistake.

  1. Choosing Light Shades for the Wall of the Kitchen

You may think light shades are sophisticated for German kitchen design, but you are mistaken. Light colors cannot help your walls absorb the heat during summer. So, do not choose light hues for your kitchen.

If the color of your kitchen is affected due to gas, oil, and dirt, the interior of your kitchen will look messy and untidy. Therefore, be smart to choose dark and bright colors such as crimson, cobalt blue, dark peach, and deep pastel color. You can also use spray paint on the walls of your kitchen. Maintain the beauty of your kitchen by choosing accurate colors. If the wall paint is of your choice, then your house won’t look odd. Remember, wall paint is psychologically connected to you while cooking. So, define fine colors with advanced style.

  1. Over Sizing and Overloading the Kitchen Island 

Yes, in a big cooking room, two islands are always better than one. However, overloading your kitchen won’t look good. It will look clumsy if you do that. Overstuffing the islands with baskets, dinnerware, and other items can create a similar problem. Moreover, the kitchen may look clumsy if you overload it.

The modern kitchen designs in Dubai are simple but sophisticated. Expert interior decorators suggest keeping necessary goods in the kitchen. Moreover, keeping the right thing in the right place is important to find it later. So, be classic and sleek.

Final Thoughts

We know that it is not easy to choose a proper German kitchen design for your modern cookery room. However, our experts in Ricci Milan are ready to help you. Try to avoid some mistakes that make the kitchen styling clumsy. Contact us at 97143386008 or email us at info@riccimilan.com.

We are always ready to help you with various kitchen remodeling ideas. Once you connect with us, it will be our liability to update your modern kitchen in a trendy way. So, what are you thinking? Reach us soon!

4 Tips to Design Modular Kitchen in Dubai

Cabinets, layouts, counter-top, and pullouts are the prime points for organizing a modular kitchen in Dubai. If you are getting a modular kitchen first time, you need an expert’s help to design a kitchen. An expert interior designer or a kitchen organizer will always suggest you accessorizing your cooking room as per the size and the shape.

No, there isn’t any rule book for decorating a kitchen, but following the right ideas can help you beautify the space. Always remember, the ladies of the house spend most of the time in the kitchen. If the decoration and kitchen organizing method is correct, cooking can be easy and interesting. So, do you want to apply some tips from experts on your kitchen design?

4 Tips to Design Modular Kitchen in Dubai

Expert Ideas to Stylize the German Kitchen Design

It might be hard for you to set the microwave, refrigerator, countertop, and dining table in the right places if you are a beginner. In that case, experts can help you in stylizing your kitchen. You may have a look at some tips to decorate the modular kitchen in Dubai:

1.      Look at the Space of the Kitchen

Analyzing the space in the kitchen is always important. Check the corners of the kitchen where you have to keep various electronic appliances. Do not keep the appliances in the wrong corner of your kitchen that may look odd.

If you take an expert’s suggestion, he or she will show you the exact angle to set your appliances and other necessary things in the kitchen. Not everyone has a large kitchen layout, so it is important to draw a rough sketch of the layout before pointing a space and keeping the appliance.

2.      Choose the Colours of the Kitchen Wisely

You should make sure that your kitchen color goes well with the decor of your home. Try to avoid light wall shades such as white, pink, and cream color for your kitchen. Choose oil paint and long-run dark shades such as bright hues, pastel shades, mustard yellow, or spray paint to paint the kitchen walls.

Darker shades can attract more heat, especially in the summer season. If you want to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen, choosing the proper color is important. So, decorate your kitchen in your way.

3.      Choose Natural Lights for Your Kitchen

Space and light are very important in a kitchen. So, choose natural lightings such as overhead lights, kitchen cabinet lights, counter-top lights, and under-cabinet lights. These lights can help you find the necessary things in the kitchen.

Choosing the proper false ceiling light for a kitchen can be a great idea. It helps in illuminating your kitchen. Moreover, your cooking room will look vibrant and bright because of the lights. You can find things at night also in your kitchen.

4.      Ventilation is a Key for Your Kitchen

While cooking, heat generates from the kitchen. You should purchase an exhaust fan or chimney to go out from the kitchen so that the frying fumes and smoke could go out. You should set a door from the kitchen so that fumes can go out of your house.

Summing Up

Apply the ideas described above of German kitchen design to organize your modular kitchen. A good makeover is needed to update your kitchen. You may consult with our experts in Ricci Milan at 97143386008 or email us at info@riccimilan.com to get our help in decorating your kitchen.

German Kitchen Design – New Modern Fitted Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen is not merely a room where the women of the home have to slog over the hot stove for hours on end. Life has changed for the better across the world with societies becoming more and more open about inviting their guests into the kitchen for a scrumptious meal too.

There is nothing wrong with retaining the spacious and airy classic kitchens in Dubai, however. You are welcome to utilize the space by adding a few trendy touches here and there. It can transform the room into an elegant kitchen that boasts of the latest features and appliances. The family will be reluctant to dine in their rooms thereafter. The traditional ways had worked for a reason before and you are free to utilize the best elements to make your kitchen stand apart and remain functional at the same time.

You certainly want to employ a home contractor when you are determined to redo your kitchen. Wait! Why not opt for the precision and clean-cut lines of German kitchen cabinets this time? You will be blown away by the precision of engineering and utilization of space by professionals known for their engineering skills all over the world. The beauty remains undiminished making the German designs in great demand even today.

German kitchen cabinets

The British and other Europeans have maintained that German kitchens are the best. You can opt for similar designs today too regardless of your location. Sure, you have been living in Dubai but the hot climate does not deter the German standards in anyway either.

Your kitchen will be fully functional with the storage area greatly enhanced thanks to the installation of German cabinets. The streamlined look will add yet another dimension to your beautiful kitchen making it unpretentious and matter-of-fact. Strangely, it will not clash with the innate love for poetry and art that you have in your heart.

The strength and durability of German fixtures come to you as a boon as well. Remember that the exceedingly strong veneers and lacquers will be time tested and long-lasting making you forgo the possibility of frequent repairs and replacement of the fixtures within your kitchen. The cabinets that you order from German manufacturer will be tested at every stage with the final product undergoing quality checks until it leaves the warehouse. You can thus be sure of the doors and shelves of the German cabinets and would be able to safely store whatever you deem fit inside it. The prospect of being able to maneuver each element following your needs makes the German kitchen features stand out from others.

Do not worry if you are not a millionaire in Dubai though. The humble German kitchen can be incorporated within the limited space too. 100% functionality with clean features provides it with the most modern look that will help you to show off the German kitchen design Dubai whether you opt for a modular one or a lavish kitchen that takes up an enormous amount of space.

Your kitchen deserves the right makeover. Why wait? Seek consultation. Talk to Ricci Milan to get the best results.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 2021

The kitchen is not merely a functional area at present. You can design it to match your interiors and provide it with an attractive personality too. A simple counter replete with storage area and walls done up in basic colors is not the criteria anymore. You have a plethora of choices at the moment with each pop of color and bright fixtures showcasing your ideas most uniquely. Some of the things worth contemplation today can end up weaving magic inside the most used room of your home. Check out some of the modern kitchen design ideas that are making waves this year…

Sturdy & Attractive Material – Opt for a classic look that is perceived to be luxurious as well. It might be best to consider marble that is heavily veined for the flooring. You are free to use it on the walls and create elegant counters with the best quality marble too. It is going to last you for years and requires no repair soon. Besides, it adds an element of luxury to the room as well. Its classic attributes and durability makes it the material of choice for all kitchens big or small today. You do not have to use marble all over your kitchen though. Instead, use it to create a lovely contrast as the white marble looks striking against highly polished wood and bright metals in selected parts of your kitchen. Do not wait to consider more options, therefore. Build attention grabbing sink with marble that is highly durable and resistant to pollutants or install a brand-new kitchen island that becomes the centerpiece of a spectacular kitchen. Marble is also a great investment so go for it!

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 2021

Dark and Dramatic– The epitome of luxury does not have to be open and lavish anymore. Instead opt for the dark look by employing black throughout the kitchen. Sure, black used to be the shade of accents just a few years ago with black and white as well as black and gold capturing attention big time. You can go the entire extent by incorporating black in the modern kitchen cabinets as well as the flooring and walls plus the appliances to make it exciting and deluxe. No worries! You can go to the other extreme too by choosing to add pops of color in between. Add chairs in bright scarlet or try accents in every shade of the rainbow. You can have a field day playing with the color palette and have loads of fun trying to redesign your kitchen as a playful and fun area that is both warm and inviting. Moreover, it encourages the young generation to try their skills in the kitchen too. So, go ahead and add as much color as possible to your kitchen and end up converting it into a family room par excellence.

Are you looking for a unique combo of luxury and class when redefining your kitchen space? Nothing works as well as the modern kitchen design Dubai that imbibes all of the charms by making effective use of the available space.