Modular Italian Kitchen Design & Style in Dubai

Most standard kitchen designs simply do not convey the statement we wish they once did. Modular kitchens have taken over the vast majority of home design, and rightfully so. Affordability and beauty have driven most homeowners to make the switch to modular kitchens with ease. It’s time to upgrade that kitchen space, and here is why a modular kitchen is right for you:

Luxury Design
Modern luxury design is only the tip of the iceberg with so many luxurious options to choose from. We want to ensure you are expressing your chic and glamorous kitchen design ideas in the best possible way. Our team will help find the correct solution for your kitchen aesthetic needs.
Let your kitchen make the statement you always dreamed by choosing a modular kitchen.

Intelligent Design
There’s no project too big or too small for this team when it comes to convenience, storage, and practicality. One of the greatest benefits of a modular kitchen is versatility in concept and design. Maintaining and keeping your kitchen clutter free should be a breeze.  Unique designs help create an intelligent kitchen layout that is both appealing to you, and your guest, as well as practicality in everyday use. Modular kitchen designs creatively cater to any project by fulfilling specific needs of a modular kitchen design.

Professional Guidance
Take comfort in knowing that our professional team will assist in your modular kitchen project from start to finish. Our service oriented philosophy will support you in quality, design guidance throughout your project decisions. With over 30 years of industry knowledge will aid in creating premium results for you, your home, and guests alike.

At Ricci Milan we work with the biggest names in the market—with brands like Stosa and Marchi Kitchens we are confident your home will reflect the lavish aesthetic you seek in a modular kitchen.

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Getting the Best Modern Kitchen Designs in Dubai

Having a kitchen that is outdated and looking shabby can be quite distressing. People want to be able to be proud of their homes and have a lovely and functional kitchen. A lovely and functional kitchen can be unique and depend on individual tastes and preferences. Some are not sure exactly how they are going to achieve a new and updated kitchen design on their own. The good news is that there are companies in Dubai that can help you get the very best modern kitchen designs in the area with their knowledge and experience. They can help interior designers and architects that want to install a modular kitchen that won’t require a lot of time to install and yet still have all of the beautiful qualities of modern appeal.

Modular kitchens are much simpler to install for those that don’t want to waste a lot of time and have to deal with multiple people coming in and out all hours of the day and night. It can be quite the headache to have to do this work from scratch. A modular kitchen in Dubai can have all of the loveliness and appeal that a modern kitchen needs and have the added benefit of being quick and easy to install. Ricci Milan offers a variety of modular kitchens that can help those that want an updated and modern design. There are many different styles and customizing options so that a customer can get exactly what they want without sacrificing quality.

Having the ability to have a simple and elegant kitchen installed for quick use is quite convenient. This gets rid of a lot of hassle and time that is being wasted on projects that could be finished much faster. Many people want to be able to utilise their new modern kitchen design in Dubai as soon as possible and Ricci Milan can certainly make that a possibility with knowledgeable staff and design experts that have high-quality kitchens that are modular and unique.

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Luxury Kitchen Designs in Dubai

A luxury kitchen is an excellent addition to any home especially when it transforms a functional and utilitarian area into a stylish and comfortable space. Kitchens are becoming the epicentre in the home as a gathering spot for conversation, dining, and homework. Nothing beats a luxury modular kitchen for its sleek construction, durability, and ease of installation. But what exactly is a luxury kitchen?

There is no one definition that makes one space more sophisticated than another. It can be the materials used, the unique colour combinations and finishes, and even the lighting. Below are some examples of luxury kitchen designs and what makes them special.

  • This stunning modular L shaped design kitchen has retro visuals with a strong personality that looks like an art exhibition in your home. The riveted metal and bolts on the stove resemble a 1950s era plane. Opposing metal and wood textures recall a historical era and create a functional and visually sophisticated space.
  • If you are planning a kitchen with a U or C shaped design consider luxury styling with the traditional warmth of wood tones contrasted with dark counters. The cohesive warm tones of the golden cabinet hardware suffuse the layout with calming sophistication. The modern angling of one side of the counter adds interest and originality.
  • In a two-way galley or parallel kitchen, sleek modern lines with bursts of colour in an otherwise neutral palette creates a punchy, fun kitchen that easily blends with a contemporary decor. Glossy doors and unique accents such as a wooden counter complete the open galley look.
  • And possibly the most popular design style, if there is enough space for it, is the island or open space kitchen. This example combines elegance with practicality by using stainless and black steel framed in oak. The union of cutting edge and natural elements calms and quietly energizes the space.

When fully customized these design styles exude luxury with unique materials, surprising colours and innovative accents. When you choose a modular kitchen the cost stays true to the estimate and the quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Luxury modular kitchens are easy to design, install and maintain. With experience installing over 10,000 kitchens Ricci Milan is ready to help with competitive prices and free kitchen design.

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Why Modular Italian Kitchen Designs in Dubai Are Such a Great Idea?

Life can be wonderful in Dubai, especially when you dine well. With hundreds of five-star restaurants, this remarkable country affords excellent eating opportunities everywhere you turn. Of course, you may prefer to prepare and serve meals at home now and then. That’s one reason why modular kitchens in Dubai are such a great idea.

Creative cuisine

If you think you can’t cook, please think again. Start with simple dishes, create with enthusiasm, and soon you could be preparing meals that rival those found in the finest Dubai restaurants. The team at Ricci Milan would be delighted to help you design a kitchen space that suits your purposes perfectly.

Eating out

When you’re not enjoying your new modular kitchen from Ricci Milan, you might like to explore some of Dubai’s lesser known restaurants. Here’s one to try:

Hidden among warehouses and a hardware store in the Al Quoz neighborhood, Tom & Sergis definitely out of the way. Nonetheless, finding this unpretentious eatery is well worth the effort, say food experts at Conde Nast Traveler. The atmosphere at this feel-good diner is easygoing, and the cuisine comprises a marvelous melange of Spanish and Australian flavour.

Eat at home

Your new modular kitchen can be anything you desire. The design team here at Ricci Milan has created and installed Italian-made modern kitchens in Dubai for more than 10,000 contented customers. If you’d like to see our references, all you have to do is ask. We cater to owners of apartments, houses and villas, but we also design and install smaller Italian kitchens in Dubai that are ideal for offices with a pantry.

Yes, there are other companies that build bespoke kitchens in Dubai, but none of them offers the personalised customer service you find at Ricci Milan. Our prices are competitive, and we don’t consider any job complete until the client is 100 percent satisfied. When you are ready to know more about modular kitchen designs with superb Italian flair, please call +971 4 338 6008

Contemporary Kitchen Designer now at your beck and call

A beautiful home with affixed modern amenities does require an equally astounding contemporary kitchen to go with and who better to consult when it comes to kitchen designs
than Ricci Milan- a leading venture specializing in profound and breath-taking kitchen design and development endeavors. Kitchen forms an integral part of your home and lifestyle and that
is why here at Ricci Milan we undergo extensive market analysis, levy out the emerging trends and make sure your kitchen décor is not only modern and savvy but also effortlessly easy to

What do we look for when it comes to kitchen re-décor?

Packing a power-pack collection of extensive designs, enriched traditional themes and high-end materials, Ricci Milan wants every nook and cranny of your kitchen to be filled in perfection,
grace and beauty. It can either be in the form of new, improved styles, top-notch modular designs or simply a change in the entire theme. Here’s a list down some of our extensive
services that you can avail from Ricci Milan that can help you breath fresh life back into your kitchen.

  • Theme specific customizable styles:
    Ricci Milan is all about ensuring our specific designs and exclusive patterns conform to the expectations of our customers. This is one of the reason why we boast of a elegant and aesthetically soothing collection of themes, designs, styles and patterns. You can choose the crème de la crème of modern kitchen designs in Dubai.
  • Detail-oriented:
    We never miss a detailing. When we talk about kitchen remodeling or decoration, we are not only talking about the walls or the floor-board but the entire kitchen itself including kitchen cabinets, storage units and counter tops all the way to the cabinet handles that add ornamental value to the ongoing theme.
  • Add a touch of creativity:
    With thorough market research, experience and developed skills, Ricci Milan exercises rampant, arresting creativity that is unique, unconventional and absolutely incredible in their own way. Adding elegance and grace to your kitchen with a pristine air of innovation does spice things up.
  • Supreme Quality:
    Customer satisfaction is at the top of our “to do” list and we won’t stop until we ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with the final outcome. While we ensure the materials used and the labor invested are all enriched in supremacy, compromise on quality is simply not our style of working.
  • Trendsetting:
    Styles, themes and patterns found in our extensive catalogue are always topping the trend-setter’s list. We acknowledge your love for contemporary uniqueness and that’s why make sure our designs are trendy, versatile and laced in elegance.
  • Variety:
    Vintage mixed in modern hues or old-school oak and metal- choices vary from one person to another and Ricci Milan accumulates all under one big umbrella. We have a huge collection of irresistible designs that conform not only to kitchens alone but also for master bedrooms, quirky kids bedrooms, chic living rooms, charming storage units and more.

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Breathtaking kitchen Designs in Dubai

There is just something breathtaking about contemporary kitchens that you simply wow you every time you see it. Kitchen, unlike any other room in the house, has an in depth persona of
its own. With modern homes delving out breath-taking designs, kitchen at its best is taking a much more compact and modular shape. Effortless cooking is our top priority and we want to
make sure your kitchen is modeled to fit all your requirements of a modern user savvy kitchen.

Finding a kitchen designer in Dubai who can efficiently match up kitchen décor to your expectations is really hard to come by. At Ricci Milan, our mission is to ensure your kitchen fits
the perfect description of smooth, contemporary and user-friendly surrounding while our vision is to wow you with our extensive collection of marvelous kitchen designs, elaborately furnishing
your kitchen with just the right ornamental value. At its best, Ricci Milan kitchen designs not only stupefy you, but will also be one of the greatest transformations that make your life a little
more easier.

Today we are going to discuss some of the best contemporary kitchen designs that Ricci Milan offers to you:-

  • Beverly:
    Mixing classic with modern, Beverly kitchen design expands its barriers from elegant designs, modular shapes and polished finishes all the way to incorporating light hued wooden structures to make your kitchen look absolutely incredible.
  • City: A bustling lifestyle sure demands glamour and extravaganza at its best which is why our City themed kitchen decors involve modern designs wrapped in a sheath of vintage nostalgic outlook. From rotatable tables to rough white oak and metal surfaces, experience old school and modern designs collaborate together to form a beautiful unconventional design of its own.
  • Vanity Top: Once again Ricci Milan modern kitchen designs use the best of simple innovation to piece two and two together and form a exquisite harmonious kitchen
    outlook. The unique part about this design pattern is that it includes linear designs that enhance the “handle free” effective and uptown look.
  • Ontario: Ontario Kitchen designs will simply elude you with strong wooden bases carved with 25mm oak, polished and glossed to give a vintage Italian kitchen feel. While the main ambience of the kitchen looks traditional, the incorporation of modern hues, designs and patterns add a suave touch of perfection to it.
  • Brilliant: Modern kitchen design in Dubai for the contemporary house is more about ensuring your kitchen uses top of the class materials and an incredibly effortless outlook that would collide with effectiveness and beauty to give you a brilliant feel. What sets Brilliant style kitchens apart is their heavy use of glasses.
  • Malaga: If going old-school with your kitchen design has always attracted you, Malaga style would just be the perfect theme for your kitchen. Laced in intricate ornamental
    handles, the Malaga kitchen would delight you with a warm and compassionate wooden décor set against a traditional background.

Collections run galore as we use the best of materials and hand-picked sleek glamorous designs. Apart from our extensive range of incredible kitchen designs, we have also gathered a profound
assemblage of adjoining kitchen designs like magnificent master bedrooms, versatile living rooms, wardrobes and closets, children’s room, spacious storage units and more. Get the best
of our collections in our online catalogue available at Browse through our endless options of contemporary home and kitchen designs and let us know what you’re
looking for.

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Experience the finesse of Italian Kitchens right in Dubai

A sound home beautifully decorated with a down-to- earth calming aura fleeting across the surrounding is every man’s heavenly dream. What makes it more attractive is that- Ricci Milan’s
here to churn that heavenly dream into reality. Working with some of the best interior designs carefully crafted in Italian aura of finesse and supremacy- Ricci Milan brings to you some of the
most sought after contemporary interior designs enriched in intricately knit sophistication as the state-of- the-art decors evoke a sense of serenity and rejoice. Charm derived from refined
Italian kitchens has never been so accessible before.

Specializing in kitchens as an integral part of their home makeover journey, we are here today to tell you about how much you are missing out on Marchi kitchens.

What are Marchi kitchens?
Wrapped with a vintage cosmopolitan elegance, Marchi kitchens can be designed as a theme or style predominated by solid wooden structures, carved, polished and tainted just right to fit the
mood of the environment. Reaping it’s originality from the legendary exotic yet eye soothing prime years of interior classics, Marchi kitchen molds modern aspects into Old England vibes.
Tailor made and carved to perfection, these kitchen styles are often best owing to its custom made storage cabinets reeking of fresh wooden essence as the design entails a classic versatile
yet flexible module that sets the kitchen apart from the rest of the household.

Where would you find it?
If you’re sitting in Dubai wondering how it feels to have a vintage touch added to the comforts of your home, check out where we have our entire
collection panned out with an extensive gallery giving you a peep into our world of Marchi kitchens. Starting from Elizabethan elegance to Venezuela vanities, dazzling Dolarice kitchens all
the way to adoring Islamorada kitchens – here at Ricci Milan we have a little something for every taste.

Want to make the best of your interior décor while keeping an stern eye on the budget? Come to Ricci Milan’s where we provide stupefying interior solutions at pocket-friendly prices so that
you can experience your piece of heaven right at your own home!

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Lavish modern kitchen designs in Dubai

The kitchen is quite possibly the most favorite room in your house- a hub where late night hunger pangs are soothed, Sunday brunches feel complete with the whole family huddling
around the kitchen counter or simply a place of solace where the sleepy mind brews a steaming cup of coffee every morning. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make this very as modern and
comfortable as possible using nothing but one of the best kitchen interior design exclusively hand-picked from the very books of Ricci Milan.

A proficient kitchen kitchen designer with an avid love for making homes look more chic, Ricci Milan stands to be one of the most promising Kitchen interior designs in Dubai. Starting from
enriching mahogany wood cabinets all the way to marble smooth counter tops- contemporary kitchens are now not just a dream, but a reality mold through intricately crafted modules that
Ricci Milan presents to you.

Why upgrade your kitchen?
Here at Ricci Milan, we believe in simplicity through modern homes, a platform where coming back to home would never feel the same anymore. What’s more, each and every design
individually aspiring as it is, reaches the final customers at the most affordable prices so that nothing can stop between you wanting to re-model your kitchen the lavish way!
Want to know more about our different styles, patterns and themes? Visit our online showroom at where our diversified ranges of kitchen designs
are detailed along with a ravishing gallery full of decors to feast your eyes on!

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Exclusive Kitchen designer in Dubai

Ricci Milan, a leading interior designer company of Dubai provides total solution for your home. You can design your dream home with our new Italian kitchen designs. We assure you sophisticated and quality designs and will provide you the best Italian kitchen. You can design your kitchen according to the classic, contemporary or modern designs provided by our experts. In classic kitchen design, you can design your kitchen according to Focolare,Bolgheri, Dolcevita, Malaga and many more exclusive designs.

If you choose Focolare, you can design your kitchen in solid chesnut wood panels with high quality material. The handles of the kitchen cabinets in Focolare design is also very exclusive. In Aida style, the classic lines produce flawless perfection and linearity to your kitchen. This style echoes the heart of the classic style and there are many technological innovations in this style. The components and the materials used are of premium quality and the finish is very smooth and good.

In Malaga style, the traditions, materials and the style have tested the time and it gives a warm sense of hospitality from the past traditions. This style gives a feeling of the past with modern amenities and technologies. Ricci Milan also provides contemporary kitchen designs to their esteemed customers. In contemporary style, you can choose Maxim and this offers a new solution to the kitchen environment. You can personalize your own modules accordingly in this style with open and close compartments. There are large wall cabinets and wall units where you can store all your kitchen accessories. You can prefer to choose this style as it gives a different look to your kitchen in a small space with unique style. It makes your kitchen personalized and thus can help you to adapt to the modern lifestyle.

If you want to get a good Italian taste of the late 19 th century, you can prefer to choose our new Ontario contemporary kitchen design. The varnished finish or the magnolia finish gives a glossy look to your kitchen. This style is valued by our customers as it is gives your kitchen a unique look within an affordable cost. This wall cabinets and the wall units in Ontario style are made of 25mm oak wood. In modern kitchen designs, you can choose Quadrica, Replay Next, Mood, Filolain, Bring and many more styles. Just step into our store or call us to know more about us and make your home a dream home.

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Ricci Milan-Best kitchen designer and supplier in Dubai

Ricci Milan is one of the leading kitchen designer in Dubai. We help you to furnish your kitchen according to your choice. We provide modern kitchen design services and help you in
fulfilling your dreams. Our experts provide splendid and elegant designs to your kitchen. Our company provides timely service to our customers at an affordable cost. We have specialist and
experts who help our customers to design their kitchen in a very small space with modern amenities. We are also the supplier of modern Italian equipments of contemporary and modern
designs. In each particular style, there are varieties of colors and designs which help to add glamour to the kitchen. Our customers can also choose the cabinet designs or customize them
according to their choice.

Our customers can also choose doralice kitchen style and give their kitchen a pure rural setting. You can get the charm of a country house in colored plastered walls and sloping roof
which will give you a touch of nostalgia. This kitchen is especially designed for those customers who feel the need of simple things of the past and tries to rediscover the old memories of country
life enjoying delicious home cooked food. The new Stosa Dolcevita collection gives you a classy look to your kitchen. The doors are designed in carved frame and it represents Italian
craftsmanship with irresistible glamour and unmistakable style. The popular decorative details and the quality finishes characterize various compositions of the model in gold wire, black
decape, silver wire white, gold wire ivory and many more. The functionality of each of these elements gives your kitchen a sophisticated look. The bolgheri style also gives a classic look to
your kitchen. Bolgheri style gives your kitchen a classic architectural design which is made up of several elements and thus it brings perfect harmony with the surroundings. It also gives
extension to your home. The focolare kitchen design is regarded as the wealth of design and its technical promises highlight the optimum quality of materials. Moreover, the maxim style gives
your kitchen a contemporary look and it also offers new solution to your kitchen environment.

This style is also available in groove system that unites with the classic style and gives your kitchen a modern and classy look with all the new comfort technologies. The different styles offers compact modules and it also optimizes the space through the development of different types of kitchen cabinets. Ricci Milan also tries to unite innovation and tradition. Majority of our kitchen styles are pocket friendly and are preferred by huge customer base. All the designs provided by our company are of latest trends and are designed in an innovative style. The kitchen cabinets in each of the styles are designed in such a way that it will give a fabulous look to your kitchen. Our designs help our customers to give a versatile look to their kitchen that would give a warm and welcoming feeling. Our designs are ideal for everything living and conceived as the focal point of your home.

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