Modular kitchens: Easy to design, install and maintain

Modular kitchen allow the designer and builder to arrange standardized cabinet and counter units in a way that fits each unique space. Because they can be configured for each homeowner’s style and budget, many designers and contractors prefer modular kitchen. 

Italian kitchens in Dubai make perfect sense, as they are ideally suited to warm climates. With their open style and emphasis on light and colour, they bring beauty and utility to homes where food is an art as well as a necessity. While modular kitchens use standardized units, there is no need for them to look dull or pedestrian. (This page has thousands of examples of different ways a modular kitchen can appear!)

You are probably already aware of the ‘kitchen triangle’—the concept that the refrigerator, sink, and stove are the most-used parts of the kitchen, and therefore the paths between them should be short and open. In a well-designed modular kitchen, the storage spaces are arranged to aid the cook and avoid clutter.

Modular kitchens are ideal for large and small projects. Installed in easy-to-manage, durable pieces, they can capture a luxurious mood and add to the value of a home or flat. Home buyers and renters often make decisions based on their first impression of the kitchen, and a modular kitchen can enhance the appeal of any location, from a small flat to a luxury villa. Architects and interior designers often specify modular kitchens for their luxury and semi-luxury units.

Each Ricci Milan modular kitchen seeks to provide visual attraction and up-to-date style as well as practical convenience. Having installed more than 10,000 kitchens in Dubai, we are happy to offer our expertise for your real estate project, working with you and your space to create modular kitchens that will delight their owners and residents for many years to come.

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Find Affordable Kitchen Solutions in Dubai

A custom kitchen renovation can be quite the undertaking: it can take up a lot of spare time, cause unneeded stress, and cost a significant amount of money. It doesn’t have to be this way: skip the hassle and consider getting a modular kitchen instead! Modular kitchens are a beautiful addition to any home or office and simply can’t be beat in terms of style and functionality.

At Ricci Milan, designing a modular kitchen that’s perfect for you couldn’t be easier. Our designs are straight from the heart of Italy, alive with elegance and tradition. For fans of the contemporary style, our Stosa models such as Metropolis and Infinity are sure to take your breath away. Perhaps you’re more inclined to dreaming about a simpler time, and want to make your kitchen a cozy haven reflecting your vision. Country themed modular kitchens such as Dhialma capture the calming energy for those looking to retreat to nature in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Ricci Milan offers a whole catalog of modular kitchen designs that are both luxurious and cost-effective. This is because we offer a wide range of materials for your project. Each of our designs can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Our thermostructured panels are a low-cost alternative to traditional wood paneling, while still exuding sophistication and exquisite texture. Melamine can be used for finishings, an attractive material available in many colors from wood grain to your favorite color. All of our materials are sturdy and built to last a lifetime.

Not only are materials for modular homes inexpensive, but because of their compact design, modular homes can also be maintained at very little cost. Upgrading to a modular kitchen is simply the most sensible option for those looking to find affordable kitchen solutions in Dubai.

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Install The Best Modular Kitchen Designs In Dubai

The kitchen is an important aspect of your home. A  clear-cut modern design will go a long way in improving the overall value of your home. In recent days, more people are opting for traditional kitchen designs. However, we always insist on a design that matches your family needs and personal preferences. For over 30 years now, we have been helping homeowners design modular kitchens to suit the taste of modern living. At Ricci Milan, we aim at combining our design expertise with your desired outcome to help you install the kitchen design of your dreams.

Our Italian Kitchen Designs

Nothing defines Italian kitchens better the exposed wood and the hue Mediterranean look. Italy is a county known for its vibrant culture and food. When designing an Italian kitchen, you must be ready to spend money on high-quality wood with natural crafting. However, at Ricci Milan, we do not only focus on traditional Italian kitchens.  We offer different modern and traditional modular kitchen designs such as:

Stosa Kitchens

Stosa kitchens are  100% modular modern designs that can be customized to suit your desired classic taste. This design helps coordinate furniture in a way that suits your cuisine and lifestyle.

Multi-purpose Island Designs

According to a Forbes publication,  designing homes with a multi-purpose setup has become a trend. Such kitchens provide the best option for family time. The Marchi Group kitchens try to incorporate the traditional family kitchen into your modern space.  Usually includes a multi-purpose cabinet that may serve as a dining table or countertop.

Why Chose Our Modular Kitchen Designs

At Ricci Milan, we work hard to help you get the best Italian kitchen designs in Dubai. We provide kitchen design and installation solutions that are tailored to your personal needs. We offer fair prices and maintain high standards to ensure that you enjoy your luxury kitchen for long. If you are looking to install a new kitchen, we are here to advise on design, materials, and interior decor.  Contact us for consultations via phone or email. Once we receive your call, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the details of your house and what can be done.

Enjoy the Latest Trends in Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular kitchens are essential in the creation of a modern and functional home. Easy to design, they are also easy to install and maintain. They are the latest trend in home décor and popular with men, women, interior designers and contractors.

Modern chic

Modular kitchens give a home a more contemporary look. Their streamlined design incorporates appliances and cabinets that have one theme and complement each other, giving the kitchen a sophisticated and professional look.

Versatility and Space Saving Design

Unit sizes and colors can be mixed and matched, offering an organized space with a better workflow. These kitchens allow for compact space saving units, avoidance off clutter and the best utilization of space. This organization is especially crucial to smaller kitchens.

Modular kitchen designs use smart techniques to create much needed extra storage space in an aesthetically pleasing manner making maximum use of every corner.

Added Protection for a Longer Life

The most significant advantage of the modular kitchens is that they are far more durable. Ricci Milan ensures this durability through the use of the best quality heat and water resistant plywood for cabinets. They also use Aluminum for added protection in vulnerable areas, and counter-tops are designed to withstand damage.

Ease of installation

Ricci Milan brings in completed units, ready to install. This portability makes them easy to dismantle and reinstall elsewhere if needed. The time from order to installation is much less than with traditional kitchens, and they are easier to maintain.

Experience and Choice

The kitchen in the home is typically the heart of the family home, giving families a place to congregate, eat and socialize. Something that important should be carefully designed and installed by expert hands. Ricci Milan brings 30 years of experience to the business with over 10,000 kitchens designed and installed.

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How do you Choose a Kitchen Design in Dubai?

Remodeling your kitchen is no small task and can often seem overwhelming. When you are choosing to redecorate, remodel or redesign any part of your home it can be a stressful endeavor if you don’t know where to start. This is especially true when remodeling your kitchen because the kitchen is the hub and heart of the home. This is where your family gathers to enjoy a meal, where you unwind at the end of a long day, and where you entertain your guests. The kitchen is important in your home.

You don’t need to worry, we are ready to help you navigate your project to completion.

One factor to consider, before you begin, is how long and how easy will the project be. Choosing a modular kitchen option can save you time and money because they are extremely easy to install and maintain. Designing these kitchens is completely customizable as well. We have more than 30 designs available to help you choose the kitchen that most closely matches both your vision and your personality. The finest Italian style kitchens on the market can be yours with a few easy steps. It’s easy to begin too, simply give us a call at +971 4 338 6008 and we can schedule your free design consultation immediately. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that what you imagine is what you receive because we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service reputation.

When you are renovating your kitchen with the Ricci Milan team you know you are getting the very best, luxury cabinets on the market. Combine the best cabinets with more than 50 years of experience and well over 100,000 kitchens installed, then choosing our company will leave you certain you have made the right choice.

Please browse our website for design ideas and then give us a call today to begin the journey to your new kitchen.

Italian Kitchen Design: Why is It So Popular in Dubai?

Why is Italian kitchen design so popular in Dubai? The real question is, Why would it not be? As the epitome of luxury, Italian design displays elegant textiles, high quality furnishings, and luscious arrays of stone and marble. With the birth of Renaissance architecture and design in 15th century Florence, Italy, Italians have made a place for themselves in history with their amazing craftsmanship and stunning styles. From Murano crystal chandeliers and dominating stone columns, no expense is spared with Italian design.

In Dubai, Italian styled homes and kitchens take luxury to the next level with multiple lavish layers. At Ricci Milan, their professional guidance comes with over 30 years of industry know how in conceptualizing and creating the modular kitchen of your dreams. In order to duplicate Italian styling you must have an eye for artistic details and exquisite taste. With Ricci Milan, you will gain a team with a long history in kitchen design and development that will communicate your personality in your kitchen makeover journey.

Rich, warm wood choices, stoneware of all varieties, and period specific metalwork can all be found in a Marchi kitchen. With modular kitchens taking over a vast majority of home design in Dubai, Ricci Milan knows exactly how to help you imagine a kitchen space with ease. No elements of opulence are spared in a Marchi kitchen. One of the greatest benefits of a modular kitchen is its versatility in concept and design. Not only will you receive a kitchen that is classically styled and elegant, but on that is practical and functional as well.

At Ricci Milan we work with the biggest names in the market. With brands like Marchi andStosa Kitchens, we are most confident that your home will reflect the luxe aesthetic you seek in a modular kitchen. For your free kitchen design consultation, please call +971 4 338 6008 or contact us.

Ricci Milan’s Modular Kitchen Designs in Dubai

Are you in the market for luxurious Italian Kitchens in Dubai at an affordable price? Well, if you are, you’re in luck. Ricci Milan has a promotion going on for affordable modular kitchens in Dubai. Are modular kitchens the right choice for you? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen consists of pre-built items created off-site and shaped to fit directly into empty spaces in your kitchen.

What are the Benefits of Modular Kitchens?

  • This type of kitchen is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost associated with building fully customized kitchens. The degree to the level connected to the cost of materials and labor is lessened when creating modular kitchens.
  • Because the items are already built, the time it takes to complete the project (shipping and installation) is highly agreeable among customers who need their kitchens built in a short amount of time.
  • If a lack of space is the main deterrent, preventing you from moving forward with implementing a new kitchen into your home, that problem is a non-factor with modular kitchens due to their space-saving nature of the components.
  • The planning aspect of incorporating modular kitchens into your home is hassle-free.

Modular kitchens are perfect for businessmen and women, contracting companies, architects and interior designers who have little time to spare and money to spend. They are easy to design, install, and maintain. All that is required of customers are check marks on the pre-built kitchen components, and the date in which they would like them to be installed. It is that simple.

If you are in the market for modular kitchens in Dubai, don’t wait any longer. Ricci Milan has what you need at an affordable price. With over 10,000 kitchens installed, we are confident you will like what we provide, which is why we offer a free design to potential clients looking to get the most out of their kitchens. For a free design and assistance from our extraordinary and knowledgeable customer care department, give us a call at + 971 4 383 6008 or contact us to learn more.

Modular Italian Kitchen Design & Style in Dubai

Most standard kitchen designs simply do not convey the statement we wish they once did. Modular kitchens have taken over the vast majority of home design, and rightfully so. Affordability and beauty have driven most homeowners to make the switch to modular kitchens with ease. It’s time to upgrade that kitchen space, and here is why a modular kitchen is right for you:

Luxury Design
Modern luxury design is only the tip of the iceberg with so many luxurious options to choose from. We want to ensure you are expressing your chic and glamorous kitchen design ideas in the best possible way. Our team will help find the correct solution for your kitchen aesthetic needs.
Let your kitchen make the statement you always dreamed by choosing a modular kitchen.

Intelligent Design
There’s no project too big or too small for this team when it comes to convenience, storage, and practicality. One of the greatest benefits of a modular kitchen is versatility in concept and design. Maintaining and keeping your kitchen clutter free should be a breeze.  Unique designs help create an intelligent kitchen layout that is both appealing to you, and your guest, as well as practicality in everyday use. Modular kitchen designs creatively cater to any project by fulfilling specific needs of a modular kitchen design.

Professional Guidance
Take comfort in knowing that our professional team will assist in your modular kitchen project from start to finish. Our service oriented philosophy will support you in quality, design guidance throughout your project decisions. With over 30 years of industry knowledge will aid in creating premium results for you, your home, and guests alike.

At Ricci Milan we work with the biggest names in the market—with brands like Stosa and Marchi Kitchens we are confident your home will reflect the lavish aesthetic you seek in a modular kitchen.

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Getting the Best Modern Kitchen Designs in Dubai

Having a kitchen that is outdated and looking shabby can be quite distressing. People want to be able to be proud of their homes and have a lovely and functional kitchen. A lovely and functional kitchen can be unique and depend on individual tastes and preferences. Some are not sure exactly how they are going to achieve a new and updated kitchen design on their own. The good news is that there are companies in Dubai that can help you get the very best modern kitchen designs in the area with their knowledge and experience. They can help interior designers and architects that want to install a modular kitchen that won’t require a lot of time to install and yet still have all of the beautiful qualities of modern appeal.

Modular kitchens are much simpler to install for those that don’t want to waste a lot of time and have to deal with multiple people coming in and out all hours of the day and night. It can be quite the headache to have to do this work from scratch. A modular kitchen in Dubai can have all of the loveliness and appeal that a modern kitchen needs and have the added benefit of being quick and easy to install. Ricci Milan offers a variety of modular kitchens that can help those that want an updated and modern design. There are many different styles and customizing options so that a customer can get exactly what they want without sacrificing quality.

Having the ability to have a simple and elegant kitchen installed for quick use is quite convenient. This gets rid of a lot of hassle and time that is being wasted on projects that could be finished much faster. Many people want to be able to utilise their new modern kitchen design in Dubai as soon as possible and Ricci Milan can certainly make that a possibility with knowledgeable staff and design experts that have high-quality kitchens that are modular and unique.

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Luxury Kitchen Designs in Dubai

A luxury kitchen is an excellent addition to any home especially when it transforms a functional and utilitarian area into a stylish and comfortable space. Kitchens are becoming the epicentre in the home as a gathering spot for conversation, dining, and homework. Nothing beats a luxury modular kitchen for its sleek construction, durability, and ease of installation. But what exactly is a luxury kitchen?

There is no one definition that makes one space more sophisticated than another. It can be the materials used, the unique colour combinations and finishes, and even the lighting. Below are some examples of luxury kitchen designs and what makes them special.

  • This stunning modular L shaped design kitchen has retro visuals with a strong personality that looks like an art exhibition in your home. The riveted metal and bolts on the stove resemble a 1950s era plane. Opposing metal and wood textures recall a historical era and create a functional and visually sophisticated space.
  • If you are planning a kitchen with a U or C shaped design consider luxury styling with the traditional warmth of wood tones contrasted with dark counters. The cohesive warm tones of the golden cabinet hardware suffuse the layout with calming sophistication. The modern angling of one side of the counter adds interest and originality.
  • In a two-way galley or parallel kitchen, sleek modern lines with bursts of colour in an otherwise neutral palette creates a punchy, fun kitchen that easily blends with a contemporary decor. Glossy doors and unique accents such as a wooden counter complete the open galley look.
  • And possibly the most popular design style, if there is enough space for it, is the island or open space kitchen. This example combines elegance with practicality by using stainless and black steel framed in oak. The union of cutting edge and natural elements calms and quietly energizes the space.

When fully customized these design styles exude luxury with unique materials, surprising colours and innovative accents. When you choose a modular kitchen the cost stays true to the estimate and the quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Luxury modular kitchens are easy to design, install and maintain. With experience installing over 10,000 kitchens Ricci Milan is ready to help with competitive prices and free kitchen design.

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